Znus are minions of the Grimly that first appear in Mount Grimly in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. These creatures shoot electrical beams from their eyes and hop about to dodge attacks from Crash. They first appeared in the cutscene "N Faux Mercial" as Cortex's assistants. Another appears in the game's final cutscene, escaping with Cortex into outer space.


Znus have small, purple, spherical figures with large hands and teeth. They each wear pointed orange shoes, white underpants, and a pair of goggles which appear to be made from a belt. They also carry flashlights as weapons.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Linterno neologism; male form derived from "linterna" (lantern)
French Znu same as English
Dutch Znu same as English
German Znu same as English
Italian Snu similar to English
Finnish Znu same as English
Danish Znu same as English
Norwegian Z'nu same as English
Swedish Znu same as English
Russian Зну
same as English




  • They are voiced by Billy West, Maurice LaMarche and Mark Hamill.
  • Znus will sometimes say: "Tonight, we dine over there!" Which is a reference to the movie 300 where Leonidas says: "Tonight, we dine in Hell!".