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This creature is Cortex's one-monster goon squad, capable of stealing every last bit of magic from Wumpa Island (and blasting out catchy tunes at the same time).

Aku Aku, Crash of the Titans

The Yuktopus is a cyborg titan amalgamation found in both Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant. In Crash of the Titans, it is a boss character found at the top of the Mojo Temple, controlled by Dr. Cortex. In Crash: Mind Over Mutant, it guards the mojo-milking machine that Uka Uka was captured in at Mount Grimly. Two Yuktopus can also be found outside the Evil Public School following Dr. Cortex's defeat.


Yuktopus is an enormous hybrid titan created from a yak, a duck, and an octopus. Its most distinctive feature is the bagpipe-like formation on its back, which it uses to emit powerful soundwaves that paralyze enemies. It may also use its tentacle or laser blaster arm as weapons. The unarmored parts of its body are covered in shaggy yellow hair. It also possesses two webbed feet, long horns, and a gas mask with a single bionic eye in the center. In Crash: Mind Over Mutant, the lower half of its face is uncovered, revealing humanlike teeth and two small beards. Its webbed feet are also replaced by metallic boots. Yuktopus shakes the ground as it walks, bellowing and sounding its bagpipes. Like other boss titans, such as Scorporilla, it can summon smaller titans to help it attack.


Tentacle Slap: Yuktopus slaps an opponent with its tentacle up to three times.

Heavy Attack: Yuktopus plays a tune on its bagpipes, creating a shock wave that immobilizes all enemies caught in its blast for six seconds. Immobilized titans will take slight damage and have a blue aura surrounding them. In Mind Over Mutant, a single blast instantly defeats minions and paralyzes titans. Other Yuktopus are fully stunned by the second hit, making them jackable, but smaller titans are killed outright. If Yuktopus takes damage while charging this attack, it will be interrupted.

Mojo Blast: Yuktopus's ultimate attack. It uses its right arm to fire a blue laser beam that destroys anything in its path. Minions and titans that aren't Yuktopus will be killed (not stunned) instantly. Mojo Blast continuously drains stamina for as long as it's being used, but the stamina bar does not need to be full in order to use the attack again. Taking damage will also interrupt Mojo Blast.

Block: Yuktopus guards itself with its tentacle arm.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
SpanishAscoctópodoportmanteau of 'asqueroso' (lit. disgusting) and 'octópodo' (lit. octopod)
FrenchYuktopussame as English
DutchYuktopussame as English
GermanIgittopusportmanteau of the onomatopoeia 'igitt!' (yuk!/eww!) and 'Oktopus' (lit. octopus)
ItalianPolipastroderived from 'polipo' (lit. octopus/polyp)
FinnishInhamustisderived from 'mustekala' (lit. octopus)
DanishSkræksprutportmanteau of 'skrige' (lit. scream) and 'blæksprutte' (lit. octopus)
NorwegianSkrekksprutportmanteau of 'skrik' (lit. scream) and 'blekksprut' (lit. octopus)(?)
SwedishÄck-Fiskportmanteau of interjection 'äck!' (yuk!/eww!)(?) and 'fisk' (lit. fish)
portmanteau of 'хохотать' (lit. to laugh out loud) and the suffix '-фон' (-phone)




  • In Crash of the Titans, the blast from Cortex's airship that freezes Crunch in the opening cutscene makes the same noise as Yuktopus' mojo blaster. It could be that they are made from the same technology.
  • In Crash of the Titans, the Yuktopus is a unique boss, but in Mind Over Mutant, it is simply a rare, difficult-to-defeat titan.
  • In Mind Over Mutant, Crash can avoid triggering a Yuktopus' titan-summoning ability by throwing it out-of-bounds with TK (rather than defeating or jacking it traditionally).
  • No Yuktopus can be pocketed in Mind Over Mutant, and any Yuktopus obtained during a minigame round will die when time runs out.
  • Yuktopus cannot be taken off the Evil Public School grounds. When Crash passes through the cave exit while riding Yuktopus, it will despawn when the screen reloads.

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