Wumpa Town is the village within Wumpa Island that is only shown in the Crash of the Titans trailer.


In the Crash of the Titans trailer Nina, Coco, and Crash appear in Wumpa Town. Coco and Crash are outside a Siena's Beauty Salon window which has a sign that says "Special $10 Manicure" so Coco tells Crash to go pick out a wumpa fruit for himself. Nina seen is coming out of a store called "Nick's Batteries" and sees Crash whip by. She then sees Coco go into the shop and Nina scoffs.

Nina sees the sign and decides to go in. She gets thrown out the door and the employee flips the sign and says "Robotic Hands $20". Nina teleports back to her Uncle Cortex and tells him where Crash is in exchange for 20 bucks. Cortex commands his mutants to seize Crash.

At Olivia's Market, Crash picks out a special Wumpa Fruit while he and Aku Aku get trapped by a Scorporilla, a Stench and a Ratcicle. Crash gets slammed into the window of the beauty salon while Coco doesn't notice. Aku Aku and Crash jack them and stun them. Crash gets his fruit and tosses it to Coco who lets it fall because her nails are still wet. Nina gets thrown out by the salon once again and the sign says "Robotic Hands $20 per hand". Crash, Coco and Aku Aku then run, laughing.


  • Siena's Beauty Salon
  • Nick's Batteries
  • Olivia's Market
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