This article refers to the HUB World for the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans, for the actual place see Wumpa Island.

Wumpa Island is the first HUB World in the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans.

The island appears much different than the main version of the game. For starters Crash and Coco live together in a small hut built on the beach, near the ocean, and they have a dock right next to their house. The house itself is located between the entrances of the two levels set in this world: Wumpa Village and Wumpa Jungle. There is no visible entrance for the tutorial level Mount Wumpa, but it is known to be taking place on the same island.

Coco's shop and a pachinko machine can be found at the right side of the house where players can spend the mojo they have collected to upgrade their abilities or win prizes.

In this world, the player is introduced to the basic mechanics of the game and must traverse the two levels to collect the crystals and open a portal to Dingodile's boss fight, needed to proceede to the next world.


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