You know, Wumpa Coins are scattered everywhere, even in certain objects. Collect those coins, baby, and spend them like crazy.

Stew, Crash Tag Team Racing
Wumpa Coins are the main collectables in Crash Tag Team Racing. Their purpose is to buy skins and power crystals throughout Von Clutch's MotorWorld and also to buy new cars and upgrades for them in the Midway. Just like wumpa fruit, they can be either found loosely or inside Coin Crates. They are golden tokens with a symbol of a tire with wings on them.

Wumpa Coins return in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, where they once again serve as in-game currency. They can be earned from races and other challenges, and are used to unlock new characters, skins, vehicles and other customisation options from the game's Pit Stop. Not all content can be purchased this way, as the boss characters and their respective kart colors must be unlocked by beating them in Adventure Mode. After the game's release, players can earn additional content by participating in seasonal Grand Prix challenges, but said content will be added to the Pit Stop as each Grand Prix finishes, in case the player misses out.

List of Wumpa Coin reward rates

Wumpa Coins are received by completing race stages from within the game. This amount is doubled during the Weekend Bonus multiplier (e.g. CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 20 becomes CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 40), quintupled during Wumpa Time bonus multiplier (e.g. CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 20 becomes CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 100), and even tenfold when both multipliers are active (e.g. CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 20 becomes CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 200).

Rating Stage 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th-8th Place
20's Battle Arenas CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 20
30's Jungle Boogie CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 30
Crash Cove
Coco Park
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 32
Roo's Tubes
Blizzard Bluff
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 33
Meteor Gorge CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 34
Dingo Canyon
Dragon Mines
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 35
Inferno Island CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 36
40's Papu's Pyramid CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 40
Tiger Temple
Barin Ruins
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 41
Sewer Speedway
Slide Coliseum
Koala Carnival
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 43
Turbo Track
Retro Stadium
Nina's Nightmare
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 45
Mystery Caves
Tiny Temple
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 46
Deep Sea Driving
Spyro Circuit
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 48
50's Cortex Castle
Twilight Tour
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 50
Clockwork Wumpa CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 53
N. Gin Labs
Thunder Struck
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 56
Polar Pass
Hyper Spaceway
Prehistoric Playground
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 59
60's Out of Time CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 60
Assembly Lane CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 62
Oxide Station CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 64
Hot Air Skyway CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 65
Android Alley CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 68
70's Tiny Arena CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 73
80's Electron Avenue CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 80

The highest amount of Wumpa Coins one can get when placing 1st is CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 80 on Electron Avenue, while the lowest amount is CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 20 on any of the battle arenas.

Bonus multiplier

During certain conditions, the amount of Wumpa Coins is multiplied. So far, there are only two bonus multipliers.

Bonus name x Availability Appearance rate Duration
Wumpa Time 5 Online Daily 30 minutes of play time
Weekend Bonus 2 Any mode Friday - Sunday 60 hours (fixed, begins at 1:00 PM PST)

Wumpa Time (formerly known as Daily Bonus) is an online, temporary multiplier that quintuples the amount of Wumpa Coins one receives (e.g. CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 20 becomes CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 100). The Weekend Bonus is an extra bonus multiplier that lasts during the weekend, which doubles the amount of Wumpa Coins (e.g. CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 20 becomes CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 40). Both multipliers stack onto each other, meaning that if both multipliers are active, the player receives their Wumpa Coins tenfold (e.g. CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 20 becomes CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 200).

With the Wumpa Time and Weekend Bonus multipliers active, it is possible to receive a maximum of CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 800 for a single race on Electron Avenue.



  • The coins had a different appearance earlier in the game, as shown in the image. They had Crash sliding in his Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex model.
  • The conversations with the Park Drones, as well as characters like Nina Cortex, imply that Wumpa Coins are a valid form of currency in the Crash Bandicoot universe, while Von Clutch refers to them as "Park Tokens", indicating that they are valid only within the Motorworld.
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