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Worms are enemies in Crash Twinsanity, in which they appear green and bigger than natural worms with eyes and a mouth. These worms can be used as trampolines to get to high areas and they are only found in holes. Only the heads are ever seen due to the fact they're only seen poking out of holes. They attack by biting the player if they get too close. They make their debut in the belly flop tutorial in Jungle Bungle, where Cortex (disguised as Coco) belly flops a worm, causing it to go through the ground and pop out of another hole. Here, it is used to get up to a grassy stone platform. After it is reached, the player must go through a series of three worms to get from platform to platform to reach a pathway.

They are later seen in Totem Hokum, where Crash must belly flop one worm throughout the whole native village to rescue Cortex, who is tied to a totem pole by Papu Papu. When Crash gets this worm close to the totem pole, he then must hop on it and hop towards the totem pole to rescue Cortex. Many of them are seen on N. Sanity Island at Farmer Ernest's farm, where they have caused his Wumpa trees to stop growing, so Ernest can't attend the farmer's market. These worms will act as a mini-game, where Crash must slam Cortex onto the worms, thus flattening their faces. After fifteen are squished, the Wumpa Trees grow and act as platforms for Crash and Cortex to carry on.

If the player returns to N. Sanity Island, they will find a worm next to the cliff with Farmer Ernest's farm, in which this worm is used to get to. If Crash double jumps on a worm, he will spring up while being flopped on his back.



  • A picture of a Tribesman jumping on a worm can be seen just before Cortex gives Crash a tutorial on the belly flop in Jungle Bungle.
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