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The Wasteland is a desert land making up a third of Wumpa Island. It is inhabited by Rhinorollers, Spikes, Ratnicians, and a few doom monkey squads. Crash came to this area to find a Rhinoroller to get into Nina Cortex's school. A Rhinoroller village is also located in the Wasteland and its inhabitants are a trio of non-mutated Rhinorollers. During Crash's journey there, he was told by one of the non-mutants that a large number of Spikes were terrorizing the village. Crash then took it upon himself to defeat these Spikes and save the inhabitants living in the village. The location this battle occurs in contains the battle challenge/minigame for the area, started by talking to a Rhinoroller cub. Afterwards, they thanked Crash and Aku Aku and welcomed them to their village. Crash later had to return to the Wasteland to get to the Junkyard using a special key.

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