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"Crash Bandicoot, you've got some nerve setting foot into my domain without an invitation. Don't talk back to me! I'll fix that attitude problem of yours!"

Wa-Wa, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Wa-Wa is the Elemental Mask of Water. His powers include transforming Crunch's body into suspended water, and creating balls of ice. He can also bestow the ability to create energy waves.


Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Wa-Wa's debut, and only appearance as of now, was in The Wrath of Cortex along with the other elementals. He first appears in the games intro when summoned by Uka Uka along with the other elementals. When Aku Aku protests on account of how dangerous the elementals are, he fires a beam of water energy at him under Py-Ro's orders, which fails to destroy him.

Wa-Wa appears again later on as the mask of the second warp area in Coco's VR Hub System, where he threatens and yells at Crash, Coco and Aku Aku through the vortex. He properly appears as the boss at the end of said warp area, possessing Crunch and giving him the powers of water to defeat Crash. Crash dodges their attacks and defeats them, Aku Aku using the power of the crystals Crash had collected to seal Wa-Wa away once again.



Wa-Wa is a militaristic, aggressive mask, and he seems to see himself as a superior to others. The Wrath of Cortex manual states that he is out to flush the world clean and rebuild it as he remembers it, and calls him a "stick-in-the-mud".

Physical Appearance

Wa-Wa is a light blue, hourglass shaped mask. He has small, circular markings all over him which resemble bubbles. He has a large, flat nose, green eyes with a thin eyebrow ridge which curls at the ends, and a large, constantly-open mouth with small fangs.


  • "Leave my levels alone!"
  • "They're gonna have to hang you out to dry when I get through with you!"
  • "Ah, get over here, you little orange sponge!"




  • Wa-Wa's name is based on how a young English speaking child would generally say Water.
  • Wa-Wa is the only one of the Elementals to break the fourth wall, as he will appear and tell the player to "leave his levels alone" after beating two of the levels in his Warp Room.

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