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Crash Doll from MOM.

Voodoo dolls are special collectible items in Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant.

Crash of the Titans[]

In Crash of the Titans, there are six categories of Voodoo doll, varying in purpose, appearance, and earn requirements. They can be viewed in the level select.

COTT Crash Voodoo Doll

Crash Dolls[]

These dolls resemble Crash and are automatically unlocked at the start of the game. When selected, they show Crash's stats: health, spin time, slide time, upgrades obtained, total mojo collected, time spent jacked, total number of jacks, and game completion percentage.

Episode Idols[]

These dolls allow previous levels to be replayed. Once a new level is completed, the idol for the previous level is unlocked. The idols have the same shape, but each has a different design corresponding to the number of awards completed by the end of an episode (Minion Master, Spybots and Combo King):

COTT Chapter Idols
  • Completed: Complete the episode without earning any award.
  • Bronze: Earn only one award.
  • Silver: Earn two awards.
  • Gold: Earn all three awards.

Mojo Room Dolls[]

These dolls are blue and have three buttons as eyes. They allow the player to replay the Mojo Room of that level without needing to play the entire level again. To get them, the player must successfully complete the corresponding Mojo Room challenge for the first time, then pick up the doll.

Concept Art Dolls[]

These dolls are squared, red and black-coloured, have a button for the right eye and have many teeth. They are hidden throughout each of the levels, and unlock the game's concept art once obtained. There are twenty in total, one per episode.

Minion and Titan Dolls[]

COTT Enemies Voodoo Dolls

Minion and titan dolls.

These dolls have the appearance of each minion and titan of the game. They allow the player to view a blurb on each minion/titan and listen to some of their quotes/sounds. They are unlocked when Crash defeats/jacks the respective minion or titan in that episode.

Skin Dolls[]

COTT Skins Voodoo Dolls

Skin dolls.

These appear to be variants of the Crash doll with some features of minions or titans. They allow Crash to wear a skin resembling any minion or non-boss titan in the game. When worn, Crash can defeat the doll's respective minion/stun its titan in one hit (Shellephant and Scorporilla must be hit with a heavy attack, as they are immune to Crash's light attacks). Two dolls, Skeleton and Valentine, do not represent any titan in the game; they are purely cosmetic.

To obtain Skin dolls, the player must defeat a certain number of minions or jack a certain number of titans. The Skeleton skin is obtained by reaching 50% game completion, and the Valentine skin is obtained by earning all twenty gold idols.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant[]

Midway Pack 3

No Place Like Wumpa, N is for Evil, Freezer Burn, Hot Stuff and Crash Grab dolls from the "Midway" concept art pack.

Voodoo dolls in this game serve only one purpose: unlocking concept art packs. There are seven sets of Voodoo dolls, one for each distinct location on the world map (except for the Crash Grab dolls, which can be found anywhere). To unlock a concept art pack, Crash must collect all the dolls of the same set. Collecting a full set will also complete one of the optional missions.

No Place Like Wumpa[]

These dolls can be found on the Wumpa Island, five in total. They are green with a floral design. A complete set unlocks the "Wumpa" concept art pack.

Freezer Burn[]

These dolls can be found in the Ratcicle Kingdom, five in total. They resemble a Ratcicle wearing a parka and scarf. A complete set unlocks the "Ice" concept art pack.

N is for Evil[]

These dolls can be found in the Evil Public School, three in total. They resemble a purple robot with glowing eyes. A complete set unlocks the "Nina School" concept art pack.

Hot Stuff[]

These dolls can be found in the Wasteland, five in total. They resemble RhinoRoller. A complete set unlocks the "Desert" concept art pack.

Don't Recycle![]

These dolls can be found in the Junkyard, five in total. They resemble Sludge. A complete set unlocks the "Junkyard" concept art pack.

The Dark Side[]

These dolls can be found on Mount Grimly, five in total. They resemble Grimly. A complete set unlocks the "Shadow" concept art pack.

Crash Grab[]

These Voodoo dolls look like Crash and are scattered throughout all areas of the game. There are thirteen in total. A complete set unlocks the "Crash" concept art pack.