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Whatever you do, Crash, don't feed them carrots after midnight or get them wet! Trust me on that one!

Voodoo Bunnies are minions of Uka Uka in Crash of the Titans. They have strange masks and can use their voodoo powers to make rain clouds and lightning come out of their spears. They appear to want to eat Crash as they say things like, "Delicious bandicoot, make soup". They first appear in Episode 14: Family Tree and make their last appearance in Episode 17: Adolt Edumacation. They are the penultimate minions in Crash of the Titans.

They do not return in the console version of Crash: Mind Over Mutant, with the Znu replacing them. However, they do make a comeback in the Nintendo DS version of Crash: Mind Over Mutant. They also seem to worship Uka Uka since in Episode 17, Voodoo Bunnies are guarding Uka Uka. In the DS version of Crash: Mind Over Mutant, they have red, black, and green masks instead of white and orange masks. They also have white fur instead of black fur. In addition, they have poisonous purple glowing spears with points at both ends.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Danish Voodookanin
Dutch Voodookonijn
Finnish Voodoo-Kani
French Lapin Vaudou
German Voodoo-Hasi
Italian Coniglietto Voodoo
Norwegian Voodoo-kanin
Russian Кролик Вуду
Krolik Vudu
Spanish Muñeco Vudú
Swedish Voodookanin