Von Clutch's MotorWorld is the setting of Crash Tag Team Racing. It is a very chaotic place, with it recently being elected "the most dangerous place on earth". Considering that it was built by Ebenezer Von Clutch (who claims to be Crash's number one fan), a lot of the rides and attractions are based on Crash's adventures throughout the Naughty Dog games. The tracks were rigged by Willie Wumpa Cheeks in an act of revenge against Von Clutch.


  • Midway: This is the center of the park, and the only place open to normal visitors. It is the least dangerous of the lands.
  • Mystery Island: A pirate themed world, full of thin wooden planks. The name is reference to "The Mysterious Island".
  • Happily Ever Faster: A recreation of a fairy-tale world, complete with mechanized figurines. The name is a parody of "Happily Ever After".
  • Tyrannosaurus Wrecks: A prehistoric world, with a 'Fire meets Ice scheme'.
  • Tomb Town: An Egyptian styled-world.
  • Astro Land: A sci-fi world, centered around Uranus.