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I'll con them into working for me, and Super Big Power Crystal will be mine at last!

Viscount, Crash Boom Bang!

The Viscount is the main antagonist from the 2006 Crash game, Crash Boom Bang!.

Crash Boom Bang!

While developing a resort in Tasmania, the Viscount finds a map of an ancient city containing the fabled Super Big Power Crystal. He attempts to find it himself, but due to the large amount of puzzles, he fails miserably. In his resort, the Viscount decides to gather up the world's cleverest and strongest bunch of characters and con them into finding the crystal for him. He sends an invitation to Coco Bandicoot, inviting her to the World Cannonball Race, where the winner earns $100,000,000. After Cortex tears up the map, the Viscount reveals what he's trying to find with it, also revealing that his grandfather disappeared trying to find it. Upon finding the crystal, he attempts to betray the gang only to watch Crash one-up him by wishing for a pile of wumpa fruit, much to the Viscount's shock.


  • In the Japanese release of Crash Boom Bang, his name was written as "Viscount Devil", suggesting that his species is the Tasmanian Devil native to Australia.
  • He is one of the only characters of the series that, as of November 2019, has not returned in any way, shape or form in Nitro-Fueled, alongside Yaya Panda, Willie Wumpa Cheeks, Rusty Walrus, Bearminator, Farmer Ernest, and the Elementals.


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