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The Viscount is the main antagonist from the 2006 Crash game, Crash Boom Bang!. He is a rich and greedy tasmanian devil and was in search of the Super Big Power Crystal.


Crash Boom Bang![]

Viscount's first, and as of now only appearance was in Crash Boom Bang!.

While developing a resort in Tasmania, the Viscount finds a map of an ancient city containing the fabled Super Big Power Crystal. He attempts to find it himself, but due to the large amount of puzzles, he fails miserably. In his resort, the Viscount decides to gather up the world's cleverest and strongest bunch of characters and con them into finding the crystal for him. He sends an invitation to Coco Bandicoot, inviting her to the World Cannonball Race, where the winner earns $100,000,000. After Cortex tears up the map, the Viscount reveals what he's trying to find with it, also revealing that his grandfather disappeared trying to find it. Upon finding the crystal, he attempts to betray the gang only to watch Crash beat him to the crystal and use up its power by wishing for a giant pile of Wumpa Fruit, much to the Viscount's dismay.


Physical description[]

Viscount is a tall, thin, lavender Tasmanian devil. He has a beige muzzle, a round black nose and a thin, curly moustache. He has heavy-lidded black eyes with dull blue eyeshadow, thin brown eyebrows and short brown hair on the top of his head. He wears a white suit with a large golden button, as well as a white cravat and a small red bow-tie. He has large golden rings on his fingers and a white fingerless lace glove on his right hand, though this glove is missing on his in-game model. He also has dress pants and shoes in the same shade of white as his suit jacket.


Viscount is a snobbish, conniving liar who tricks others into doing all the hard work for his personal, usually monetary gain. He is very rich, leading him to be very entitled and self-centered, getting angry when people refuse to do as he says. He's very charismatic, being easily able to charm and bribe others into doing his bidding.

Additional information[]