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Velo's Minions appear along with Velo in Crash Nitro Kart.


Velo's Minions only appear a few times towards the end of Crash Nitro Kart. There are two of them, and their main role is assisting Velo during his boss race, though they also appear during a few late game cutscenes. When the player is racing him, they will try to attack the player by throwing Purple Static Orbs onto the track.

In their cutscene appearances, they try to calm Velo down after losing to the player in the 100% ending of the game, warning him that his robot suit is beginning to malfunction. Infuriated, Velo hits one of them with his Scepter, sending them flying out of the coliseum. The remaining minion leaves in a panic when Velo's suit explodes, never to be seen again.

They can also be seen in the non-100% cutscene for defeating Velo, but they only float behind Velo, fidgeting nervously, and do not speak.



The two minions that we see have the exact same personality, with nothing distinguishing the two except for different sounding voices. They are both extremely devoted to their Emperor, with their voicelines heard during racers insulting the player by saying that they don't deserve to race Velo. They are extremely submissive to Velo, but they attempt to reason with him at times, with one of them trying to get Velo to calm down after he gets enraged after losing in his boss race. They also show a strong dislike for earthlings, likely due to them opposing Velo.

Physical Appearance[]

They are the same species as Velo and the spectators in the Velo's Citadel. The two of them are as identical physically as they are in terms of personality. They have green skin, gold eyes, long pointy ears and bald heads with pointy growths on top. They have white speckled patches on their foreheads with V shaped yellow markings in the middle. They wear dull navy uniforms with powder blue trim, pinned closed to the right with a golden brooch in the shape of a V. They also wear open toed socks, same colour as their uniform. They are always seen floating on round blue platforms with gold edges.