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Velo's Champions are a group of four specially chosen racers from all around Velo's galactic empire. The Champions are Velo's fastest and most skilled drivers, chosen to race competitors on the galactic circuit.

The Champions made their collective debut in Crash Nitro Kart, serving as the boss racers for each of their respective home planets. They drive Velo's signature Kart - a futuristic, chopper-like hovercraft colored purple in the console versions and various other colors in the handheld versions.

The Champions are only playable in the handheld version- unlocked by defeating each member in their respective challenge race. All of the champions are given fully maxed stats.

The Champions make a full return in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled as unlockable racers with varied stats. Each Champion costs 1,500 Wumpa Coins to unlock at the Pit Stop, with the Norms sold separately.


Krunk is Velo's champion of Terra, the tropical jungle planet. He races for Velo in loyalty. During his boss fight, he leaves sticky fruits on the track behind him to hinder the player's progress. Krunk will initially refuse to race the opposing team, stating that they look too slow, but he becomes angry when he learns that they are from Earth, believing that Earth is a copy of Terra. When beaten, he will begrudgingly accept his loss.


Nash is Velo's champion of Barin, the frozen wasteland planet. He races for Velo with excitement and loyalty. He leaves out chattering shark teeth and shark-teethed spike strips. He never stops moving for even a second, and has a tendency to be very temperamental. He's also quite bold to even yell at Velo at one point, only for a stern response to quiet him down.


Norm is Velo's champion of Fenomena, the time-oriented desert planet. He has the ability to spilt apart into to different forms, Big Norm and Small Norm, with Small Norm being the main form. Small Norm races for Velo with fear and contempt, while Big Norm races for Velo with excitement. The Big and Small Norm bicker regularly, though Big Norm is shown to be very protective of Small Norm in his voice lines. Small Norm has next to no interest in racing, being more interested in reading his books, but Velo forces him to race anyway because of his skills on the track. Big Norm is also shown to be more enthusiastic as well as people-savvy, as shown by his angry response to Cortex's mockery of his outfit.


Geary is Velo's champion of Teknee, the futuristic city planet. Geary is Velo's most trusted (and possibly best) racer and he races for Velo in great loyalty. Geary loves to clean things, often even interrupting himself to do so, but as evidenced by his reaction to Velo's anger upon losing, this love falls to a point. He has two different modes; his previously mentioned cleaning mode, but also his much more aggressive racing mode, which is signified by his eyes turning from green to red.