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Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaners are special items in Crash Bash, and are only found in Ring Ding.  They are found in some of the purple ? crates in the minigame, whereas hover boots are found in the other crates.  Vacuums are very helpful items as they will suck all the player's own balloons towards him/her. However, if a opponent has popped the black balloon, just before the player has obtained a vacuum, it will suck all their colored balloons towards the player's vacuum so if one jumps and hits their balloons then the player's character will be stunned.  If a player is hit while carrying the vacuum, that player will lose the vacuum. Since opponents are usually running to hit the player with the vacuum, a player often only has the vacuum for a very brief time. The vacuum will go away after eleven seconds, even if the player holding it is not hit.
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