• I live in Australia
  • I was born on October 28
  • My occupation is tomfoolery and Fear
  • I am a spooky ghost

Name: Rhiannon

Age: 17

Birthday: 28th of October

Pronouns: they/she

Deviantart: Iscopeee

my obsession with these silly orange rat games is a strong one

Favourite Crash game: Twinsanity or Nitro Fueled. Nitro Kart is also important to me personally since it's the one Crash game I grew up with for the most part.

Best Crash game: Warped or Nitro Fueled

Least favourite Crash game: Mind over Mutant. I've never played it or Titans, but the more I learn about the Radical era as a whole the more i despise it.

Worst Crash game: Boom Bang

Nitro Fueled mains + loadouts:

Mains Kart + Decal Paint Wheels Sticker
Motorsport Ami Imperium + Racer Ami Green Atomic Green Radioactive
Gentleman Ripper Roo Nautilus Dragonfly Dark Blue Spyromobile Blue Gem
Clown Cortex Dragonfly + Paint Splash Team Cortex Red Neon Rainbow Balloon
Zombie Nina Phantom Pressuriser Dusty Rider Lightning Bolts

Other Loadouts:

Skins Kart + Decal Paint Wheels Sticker
Bedtime Ripper Roo Team Oxide + Cosmic Sky Atomic Orange Atomic Orange Moon
Dark Coco Phantom Nautilus Purple Spectral Purple Evil Crash Shadow
Cupcake Yaya Candy Cone + Cookie Dough Candy Cone Sparkle Lemon Cream Cupcake
N. Brioctopus Doom Buggy + The Kraken Liz Violet Atomic Green Magic Potion
Cannonball Nash Daredevil + Daredevil Blue & White Stars Neon Blue Cannon
Life Saver N. Trance Team Trance + Evening Shade Iridescent Blue Atomic Orange Palm Tree

Favourite characters: Almost every character is very dear to me, but if I had to pick favourites they would be; Cortex, Ami, Ripper Roo, Nina and The Evil Twins (specifically Moritz).

Least favourite character: Zem (digusting) and Pasadena (annoying), and I also don't really care for Von Clutch, Willie Wumpa or Isabella. Oh and also Evil Coco is disgusting and I'm glad she got cut

Favourite Tracks: Out of Time, Electron Avenue, Assembly Lane, Papu's Pyramid, N. Gin Labs, Megamix Mania and Drive-thru Danger.

Least Favourite Tracks: I don't really hate any, but I dislike Turbo Track.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

waiting for my PS1 memory card to arrive...

Crash Bash

ordered it, waiting for it to arrive

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

ordered it, waiting for it to arrive

Crash Bandicoot: XS



To do

The rest of the story. I'll add a Time Trials section once I start doing them.

Crash Nitro Kart (console ver)

Adventure Mode

100% with both Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex. Sapphire relics on all tracks. Golden relics on all Terra tracks, Meteor Gorge and Barin Ruins.

Time Trials

Tracks N. Tropy Velo Best Time
Inferno Island x 1:50:70
Jungle Boogie x 1:55:51
Tiny Temple x 2:37:66
Meteor Gorge x 2:05:15
Barin Ruins x 2:32:67
Deep Sea Driving x 2:56:85
Out of Time x 3:02:13
Clockwork Wumpa x 2:56:62
Thunder Struck x 3:33:45
Assembly Lane x 2:50:85
Android Alley x 3:27:17
Electron Avenue x 4:14:07
Hyper Spaceway x 4:53:01


All characters unlocked.

To do

Get the rest of the gold relics. Maybe do the Velo time trials.

Crash Twinsanity



To Do

Done! (I'll definitely replay at some point because i love this game to bits)

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot



Time Trials

Level Relic Best Time
N. Sanity Beach Gold 0:28:16
Jungle Rollers Platinum 0:46:51
The Great Gate Gold 0:52:71
Boulders Gold 0:48:38
Upstream Gold 0:48:72
Rolling Stones Gold 0:48:27
Hog Wild Gold 0:45:97
Native Fortess Gold 2:25:60
Up the Creek Platinum 1:16:14
The Lost City Gold 1:51:43
Temple Ruins Gold 1:31:27
Road to Nowhere Gold 1:02:02
Boulder Dash Platinum 1:17:01
Whole Hog Gold 0:27:86
Sunset Vista Gold 4:07:80
Heavy Machinery Gold 1:48:76
Cortex Power Gold 0:40:97
Generator Room Gold 1:06:92
Toxic Waste Gold 0:59:05
The High Road Gold 1:11:97
Slippery Climb Gold 2:28:84
Lights Out Gold 1:14:33
Fumbling in the Dark Gold 1:43:59
Jaws of Darkness Gold 1:59:12
Castle Machinery Gold 2:18:20
The Lab Gold 0:52:47
Stormy Ascent None

To do

Get gold relic in Stormy Ascent.

Cortex Strikes Back



Time Trials

Level Relic Best Time
Turtle Woods Gold 0:56:55
Snow Go Gold 0:47:15
Hang Eight Gold 1:01:00
The Pits Gold 1:06:22
Crash Dash Gold 1:05:72
Snow Biz Gold 0:59:06
Air Crash Gold 0:57:93
Bear It Gold 0:47:99
Crash Crush Gold 1:16:31
The Eel Deal Gold 1:07:39
Plant Food Gold 1:02:35
Sewer or Later Gold 0:40:67
Bear Down Gold 0:47:48
Road to Ruin Gold 0:43:16
Un-Bearable Gold 1:26:98
Hangin' Out Gold 1:03:04
Diggin' It Platinum 1:28:87
Cold Hard Crash Gold 1:51:19
Ruination Gold 1:17:46
Bee-having Gold 1:20:76
Piston It Away Gold 1:20:74
Rock It Gold 0:54:98
Night Flight Gold 1:08:26
Pack Attack Gold 1:08:12
Spaced Out Gold 1:03:52
Totally Bear Gold 0:47:23
Totally Fly Gold 0:57:29

To Do

Done! (might come back for platinums in future)




Time Trials

Level Relic Best Time
Toad Village Gold 0:44:20
Under Pressure Gold 1:09:75
Orient Express Gold 0:20:25
Bone Yard Gold 1:29:97
Makin' Waves Gold 1:01:87
Gee Wiz Gold 1:09:92
Hang 'em High Gold 0:51:89
Hog Ride Gold 0:44:07
Tomb Time Gold 1:08:13
Midnight Run Gold 0:36:47
Dino Might! Gold 1:25:11
Deep Trouble Gold 1:12:98
High Time Gold 0:59:92
Road Crash Gold 1:25:57
Double Header Gold 1:09:40
Sphynxinator Gold 1:20:53
Bye Bye Blimps Gold 0:34:79
Tell No Tales Gold 1:28:66
Future Frenzy Gold 1:32:26
Tomb Wader Gold 1:39:29
Gone Tomorrow Gold 1:13:55
Orange Asphalt Gold 1:27:12
Flaming Passion Platinum 0:58:28
Mad Bombers Gold 1:13:22
Bug Lite Gold 1:23:87
Ski Crazed Gold 0:36:33
Area 51? Gold 1:57:78
Rings of Power Gold 1:07:96
Hot Coco Gold 0:30:05
Eggipus Rex Gold 0:49:84
Future Tense Sapphire 1:15:56

To do

Get gold relic for Future Tense.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Adventure mode

Medium - 102%

Hard - 38% (all trophies, all bosses beaten)

Time Trials

Tracks Tropy Oxide Velo Dev Best time
Crash Cove x x x 1:22:84
Mystery Caves x x x 2:08:06
Sewer Speedway x x x 1:52:44
Roo's Tubes x x x 1:17:84
Slide Coliseum x x x 1:50:27
Turbo Track x x x 1:47:20
Coco Park x x x 1:22:28
Tiger Temple x x x 1:42:50
Papu's Pyramid x x x 1:37:96
Dingo Canyon x x x 1:37:22
Polar Pass x x x 2:20:73
Tiny Arena x x x 3:19:66
Dragon Mines x x x 1:29:19
Blizzard Bluff x x x 1:22:01
Hot Air Skyway x x x 2:27:78
Cortex Castle x x x 2:09:56
N. Gin Labs x x x 2:21:10
Oxide Station x x x 3:10:89
Inferno Island x x x x 1:35:89
Jungle Boogie x x x 1:18:21
Clockwork Wumpa x x x 2:06:09
Android Alley x x x 2:40:02
Electron Avenue x x x 3:25:27
Deep Sea Driving x x x 1:49:21
Thunder Struck x x x 2:26:91
Tiny Temple x x x 1:43:30
Meteor Gorge x x x 1:30:25
Barin Ruins x x x 1:49:07
Out of Time x x x 2:05:35
Assembly Lane x x x 2:41:53
Hyper Spaceway x x x 2:08:22
Retro Stadium x x x 1:47:04
Twilight Tour x x x 2:17:91
Prehistoric Playground x x x 2:29:91
Spyro Circuit x x x 2:16:47
Nina's Nightmare x x x 1:52:98
Koala Carnival x x x 1:44:07
Gingerbread Joyride x x x 1:58:98
Megamix Mania x x x 2:09:46
Drive-Thru Danger x x x 2:09:72
Character Skins
Crash Shiba Skunk Blue Hyena Retro Aviator Scuba Biker Reindeer Rustland Beenox Aviator
Cortex Green Red Blue Retro Ninja Robo Pharaoh Clown Rustland Beenox Robo
Tiny Doberman White Tiger Cheetah Football Biker Werewolf Rustland
Coco Blue Lynx Purple Retro Princess Beach Dark Elf Rustland
N. Gin Blue Yellow Green Ballerina Crash Test Dummy Farmer Rustland
Dingodile Gorilla Camo Panda Hazmat Beach Painter Rustland
Polar Grizzly Red Panda Panda Ugly Sweater Rustland
Pura White Tiger Cheetah Black Cat Sabertooth Rustland
Penta Blue Jay Canary Parrot Ninja Jester
Ripper Roo Green Yellow Pink Gentleman Mad Scientist Bedtime
Papu Papu Crimson Purple Green
Komodo Joe Red Green Purple Komodo Khan Wizard
Pinstripe Yellow Suit White Suit Purple Suit Gangster
Fake Crash Chipmunk Racoon Pink Cowboy Dashing Monster Rustic Lava Monster
Nitros Oxide Beetle Watermelon Ladybug Hot Rod Metalhead
N. Tropy Quartz Carbon Fibre Purple Digital Stone Age
Crunch Husky Rottweiler Dalmation Dirt Bike Beenox Racer
Krunk Jungle Flamingo Yeti Jurassic
Small Norm Bandit Golfer Kabuki Goblin
Big Norm Bandit Golfer Kabuki
Nash Orca Mahi-Mahi Clownfish Cannonball Arctic
N. Trance Green Yellow White Life Saver Humpty
Real Velo Aqua Yellow Red
Geary Blue Green White Beenox
Zam Red Purple Yellow
Zem Aqua Violet Solar Flare Caveman
Tawna Summertime White Tiger Safari Motorsport Witch Winter Privateer Black Velvet Witch Green Witch
Ami Honeybee Summertime Raccoon Motorsport Circus Buccaneer
Megumi Bubblegum Beach Lemonade Motorsport Circus Raider
Liz Pop Pink Ocelot Motorsport Circus Corsair
Isabella Mermaid Neon Racer Motorsport Marauder
Baby Crash Cheetah Panda Plush Monster PJ
Baby Coco Kitty Plush Candy Rabbit PJ
Baby T Blue Purple Orange
Spyro Superflame Ice Breath Dark Winter Guardian Space
Hunter Blue Panther Cotton Candy Green Tiger
Gnasty Gnorc Spyro Purple Stone Magma
Komodo Moe Lullaby Sultan Master
N. Brio Frank N. Brio Fire Wizard N. Vader N. Brioctopus
Nina Pink Zombie Neon Rustland
Koala Kong Fierce Grizzly Mountain Circus Astronaut
Pasadena Licorice Glam Daredevil
Von Clutch Hot Head Vintage Stuntman
King Chicken Turkey Phoenix Stunt Chicken Space
Rilla Roo Gift-Wrapped Funky Yeti
Yaya Panda Cupcake Honey Badger Rainbow
Hasty Stag Sweet Tooth Albino Blizzard Rider
Chick Seagull Pigeon Toucan Rustland
Stew Cockatoo Green Duck Rooster Rustland
Megamix Toxic Red Templar Nightmare Rustland
Emperor Velo Orange Overlord Blue Baron Pale Monarch Captain
Lab Assistant Hacker Nice Traveller
Baby Cortex Purple Blue Red
Baby N. Tropy Yellow Purple Red
Fixed Rilla Roo Green Pink Blue
Crate ? TNT Nitro Purple !

To do 

100% adventure mode on hard mode. Get the rest of the skins. A ton of karts, decals, paintjobs, wheels and stickers (i'm not bothering to record them here because there's just too many). Beat the Developer times.

My goal is to 100% the entire series (bar tag team, boom bang and the titans games because those suck ass) and get all golden relics in all games with relics. I might go back for platinums depending on my skill level with the game in question.

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Crash Bandicoot: Warped
  • Crash Bandicoot 99x (if i can find a way to access it)
  • Crash Team Racing
  • Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced
  • Crash Bandicoot: Fusion
  • I'll even play the mobile games if i can figure out how to access them (emulation? none of them seem to be available to download anymore, at least not on my phone)

Stuff I really want


  • The Evil Twins (as one driver. would be cool)
  • Evil Crash


  • Good Cortex
  • Disguised Cortex (his Coco disguise from Twinsanity)
  • Pirate N. Gin
  • Magical Girl Megumi
  • Punk Ami

Stuff that would be kinda cool


  • Madame Amberly
  • Rusty Walrus
  • Ripto (spyro)
  • Elora (spyro)
  • Bianca (spyro)


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