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You may be looking for this level's namesake from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.

Turtle Woods is the first level in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, as well as the first level of Wumpa Island. It is unlocked by default and takes 2 hours to regenerate its items. It is also sometimes available as a survival run map.


If you go down to the woods today... you'll find all manner of crates, turtles and few secrets in store for the bravest Bandicoots...

Official level description.[3]

Level Design[]

The level takes place in a forest. True to its name, Turtles can be found throughout the level.


Gem Run[]

The gem run for Turtle Woods simply requires the player to reach the end, with the help of the use of boom berries. The prize for this is a blue gem. After the gem has been earned, the challenge can be re-attempted once every 24 hours for two purple crystals.

Challenge Run[]

The challenge run for Turtle Woods requires the player to break all 54 crates, with the reward being 15 Nitric Fungus.

Names In Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 烏龜森林
Wūguī sēnlín
Simplified Chinese 乌龟森林
Wūguī sēnlín
French Bois Aux Tortues
German Schildkrötenwald
Japanese あめの ジャングル
Ame no Janguru
Korean 거북숲
Portuguese Mata Jabuti
Russian Черепаший Лес
Cherepashiy Les
Spanish Bosque De Las Tortugas
Thai ป่าเต่า
P̀ā tèā
Turkish Kaplumbağa Ormani
Vietnamese Rừng rùa



  1. 1.0 1.1 While most of the Alpha and Beta parts can be collected in one run, there's one of each that will be at exit path after the crossroad with Base on the left and Alpha Part/Beta Part on the right.
  2. 5 of these Glow Barks are found in different path endings. Thus it's impossible to grab all the Glow Barks in a single run in Turtle Woods.