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Tsunami is the twelfth and second level of the third warp room in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. It is the second Japanese-styled level in the game alongside Banzai Bonsai. It takes place in a town during a thunderstorm in late afternoon. As its name suggests, the town is flooded by a tsunami, which Coco must flee using her Scooter.



Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Dutch Tsunami
French Tsunami
German Tsunami
Italian Tsunami
Japanese つなみ ちゅういほう
Tsu Nami chi ~yuuihou
Korean 물온 무서워!
Mul-On Museowo!
Spanish Tsunami


  • It is the first and only level in the game (and the series, overall) that Coco uses her scooter.
  • 小"丹"町 is written on the lanterns and seems to be a place name like "Little Dan Town." The character 町 (machi, i.e. town) is often used in Japanese place names and rarely used in Chinese.
  • This level is uncommon in that activating the Nitro Switch Crate before entering the secret path will make the secret path unbeatable, as Coco has to jump on boxes that have Nitro Crates under them to pass through the water area. However, in most levels of the entire series, activating the Nitro Switch Crate before entering the secret path makes it much easier (the most notable such level being Un-Bearable).
  • Although Wa-Wa has been defeated in the second Warp Room's boss fight, he still causes the tidal wave in this level.
  • The blue gem platform has the largest surface area of all the gem platforms in the entire franchise.
  • The blue gem path underwent changes for the Xbox and Gamecube versions: the red lanterns which one needed to jump across to access the gem in the PS2 version were replaced with the simple wooden platforms used in other parts of the path.
  • In the late versions in the bonus level, after many TNT crates the iron arrow crate was replaced by a arrow crate. Therefore 43 crates for a total of 101 on the level.

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