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Truck Stopped is the timeline level of The Hazardous Wastes and the first timeline level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. It is an alternate version of Hit the Road and Tawna's first timeline level, where she is playable for the first part of the level and the crate placement is altered. To access this level, the player must first complete Hook, Line, and Sinker.


Tawna arrives in The Hazardous Wastes, and considers the area to be best suited for her. After making across the desert and into one of the industrial areas, Tawna finds a hook on top of the monster truck. She uses it to tow the truck onto the hook, helping out Crash/Coco without them knowing of her presence. The rest of the level continues with the Atlasphere segment, leaving enough time for Crash/Coco to escape in it while the truck is stuck onto the hook.


Normal Mode[]

  • Just like the own level, the level is a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
  • The green gem is also able to be obtained after the first chase section.
  • Post-apocalyptic enemies.

N. Verted Mode[]

  • Just like the own level, the level has limited render distance.
  • Everything has a neon outline around it, this includes level geometry which will also display its wireframes.
  • Crash's spin is overdrived and sounds like a chainsaw.
  • Every so often the level's lighting will flicker and become dim, you can light up the level again by reaching a checkpoint. (Stage Dive will not dim.)
  • Music has a drumbeat; its volume depends on how bright the stage is.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Arabic تعطيل الشاحنة
taetil alshshahina
French Camion arrêté
German Fernfahrt
Italian Camion fermo
Japanese ぼうそうトラックだ!
Bō sō torakkuda!
Polish Gaz do dechy
Portuguese Sai da Frente
Russian Автостоп
Latin-American Spanish Camión detenido
European Spanish Camión detenido




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