Crash finds a card.

A trading card is a collectible item featured in Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage and Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy. The cards are organized in 5 varieties, categorized by their card value (rarity). There are many ways to acquire trading cards. Some of them have to be bought from the card shop, while others can be found in various places throughout the game. Crash will also receive a trading card each time he defeats a boss.

In order to collect all of the cards, players must trade between Purple and Orange. When the games are connected via link cable, players can trade any card of their choice to another player. A special card is unlocked in both games if a trade is initiated between Purple and Orange.

Collectible Cards

Card Name

Card Value
Wood Crate Lowest
TNT Crate Lowest
Nitro Crate Lowest
Bouncy Crate Lowest
Aku Aku Crate Lowest
Mystery Crate Lowest
Spring Crate Lowest
Iron Box Lowest
Aku Aku Box Lowest
Nitro Switch Box Lowest
Iron Spring Box Lowest
Time Crate Lowest
Crystal Lowest
Clear Gem Lowest
Wumpa Fruit Lowest
Checkpoint Crate Lowest
Freeze Crate Lowest
Crash Crate Lowest
Steel Crate Lowest
! Box Lowest
Slot Box Lowest
Outline Box Lowest
Sapphire Relic Lowest
Gold Relic Lowest
Platinum Relic Lowest
Gem Red Lowest
Gem Purple Lowest
Gem Green Lowest
Gem Blue Lowest
Gem Yellow Lowest
Gecko Low
Plant Low
Idol Head Low
Mine Low
Jungle Riptoc Low
Seal Low
Penguin Low
Lab Assistant Low
Polar Bear Low
Artic Riptoc Low
Flamethrower Assistant Low
Flying Lab Assistant Low
Evil Bat Low
Inferno Riptoc Low
Moat Monster Low
Goat Low
Sheep Low
Castle Riptoc Low
Shark Low
Puffer Fish Low
Frog Low
Rat Low
Cobra Low
Scarab Low
Scorpion Low
Sword Assistant Low
UFO Assistant Low
Fire Breather Low
Spear Assistant Low
Blowgun Assistant Low
Running Crash Medium
Polar Bear Crash Medium
Wumpa Cannon Crash Medium
Inner Tube Crash Medium
Jetpack Crash Medium
Weightlifting Crash Medium
Remote Copter Crash Medium
Hovership Crash Medium
Tank Crash Medium
Bat Attack Crash Medium
Polar Chase Crash Medium
Scuba Crash Medium
Hoverbike Crash Medium
Copter Crash Medium
Carpet Crash Medium
Kart Race Crash Medium
Wumpa Jungle High
Arctic Cliffs High
Fire Mountains High
Dragon Castles High
Tech Park High
Mayan Jungle High
Arctic Caves High
Sewers High
Underwater City Ruins High
Egyptian Tombs High
Volcano Island High
Persian Palace High
Crash Highest
Coco Highest
Neo Cortex Highest
Nina Highest
Crunch Highest
N. Gin Highest
N. Tropy Highest
N. Trance Highest
Dingodile (brainwashed) Highest
Tiny Highest
Polar (brainwashed) Highest
Fake Crash Highest
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