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Crash finds a card.

A trading card is a collectible item featured in Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage and Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy. The cards are organized in 5 varieties, categorized by their card value (rarity). There are many ways to acquire trading cards. Some of them have to be bought from the card shop, while others can be found in various places throughout the game. Crash will also receive a trading card each time he defeats a boss.

In order to collect all of the cards, players must trade between Purple and Orange. When the games are connected via link cable, players can trade any card of their choice to another player. A special card is unlocked in both games if a trade is initiated between Purple and Orange. The cards originating in Purple are based off of characters and items from the Crash series, while cards from Orange are based off of the Spyro series.

Collectible Cards

Purple Native Cards

Card Card Name Card Value
BasiccrateTCG.png Wood Crate Lowest
TntcrateTCG.png TNT Crate Lowest
NitrocrateTCG.png Nitro Crate Lowest
BouncycrateTCG.png Bouncy Crate Lowest
AkuakucrateTCG.png Aku Aku Crate Lowest
MysterycrateTCG.png Mystery Crate Lowest
SpringcrateTCG.png Spring Crate Lowest
IronboxTCG.png Iron Box Lowest
AkuakuboxTCG.png Aku Aku Box Lowest
NitroswitchTCG.png Nitro Switch Box Lowest
IronspringboxTCG.png Iron Spring Box Lowest
TimecrateTCG.png Time Crate Lowest
CrystalTCG.png Crystal Lowest
CleargemTCG.png Clear Gem Lowest
WumpaTCG.png Wumpa Fruit Lowest
CheckpointcrateTCG.png Checkpoint Crate Lowest
FreezecrateTCG.png Freeze Crate Lowest
CrashcrateTCG.png Crash Crate Lowest
SteelcrateTCG.png Steel Crate Lowest
ExclamationboxTCG.png ! Box Lowest
SlotboxTCG.png Slot Box Lowest
OutlineTCG.png Outline Box Lowest
SapphirerelicTCG.png Sapphire Relic Lowest
GoldrelicTCG.png Gold Relic Lowest
PlatinumrelicTCG.png Platinum Relic Lowest
RedgemTCG.png Red Gem Lowest
PurplegemTCG.png Purple Gem Lowest
GreengemTCG.png Green Gem Lowest
BluegemTCG.png Blue Gem Lowest
YellowgemTCG.png Yellow Gem Lowest
LizardTCG.png Salamander Low
PlantTCG.png Venus Fly Trap Low
IdolheadTCG.png Idol Head Low
MineTCG.png Mine Low
JungleriptoccrashTCG.png Jungle Riptoc Low
SealTCG.png Seal Low
PenguinTCG.png Penguin Low
LabassistantTCG.png Lab Assistant Low
PolarbearTCG.png Polar Bear Low
ArcticriptocTCG.png Artic Riptoc Low
FlamethrowerTCG.png Flame Thrower Lab Assistant Low
FlyinglabTCG.png Flying Lab Assistant Low
EvilbatTCG.png Evil Bat Low
InfernoriptocTCG.png Inferno Riptoc Low
MoatmonsterTCG.png Moat Monster Low
GoatTCG.png Goat Low
SheepTCG.png Sheep Low
CastleriptocTCG.png Castle Riptoc Low
SharkTCG.png Shark Low
PufferfishTCG.png Pufferfish Low
FrogTCG.png Frog Low
PossumTCG.png Rat Low
CobraTCG.png Cobra Low
BeetleTCG.png Scarab Low
ScorpionTCG.png Scorpion Low
SwordTCG.png Sword Assistant Low
UfoTCG.png UFO Assistant Low
FirebreatherTCG.png Fire Breather Low
SpearTCG.png Spear Assistant Low
BlowgunTCG.png Blowgun Assistant Low
RunningTCG.png Running Crash Medium
PolarcrashTCG.png Polar Bear Crash Medium
WumpacannonTCG.png Wumpa Cannon Crash Medium
InnertubeTCG.png Inner Tube Crash Medium
JetpackTCG.png Jetpack Crash Medium
WeightliftTCG.png Weightlifting Crash Medium
RemotecopterTCG.png Remote Copter Crash Medium
HovershipTCG.png Hovership Crash Medium
TankTCG.png Tank Crash Medium
BatattackTCG.png Bat Attack Crash Medium
PolarchaseTCG.png Polar Chase Crash Medium
ScubaTCG.png Scuba Crash Medium
HoverbikeTCG.png Hoverbike Crash Medium
CopterTCG.png Copter Crash Medium
CarpetTCG.png Carpet Crash Medium
KartTCG.png Kart Race Crash Medium
WumpajungleTCG.png Wumpa Jungle High
ArcticcliffsTCG.png Arctic Cliffs High
FiremountainsTCG.png Fire Mountains High
DragoncastlesTCG.png Dragon Castles High
TechparkTCG.png Tech Park High
MayanjungleTCG.png Mayan Jungle High
ArcticcavesTCG.png Arctic Caves High
SewersTCG.png Sewers High
UnderwatercityruinsTCG.png Underwater City Ruins High
EgypttombsTCG.png Egyptian Tombs High
VolcanoislandTCG.png Volcano Island High
PersianpalaceTCG.png Persian Palace High
CrashTCG.png Crash Highest
CocoTCG.png Coco Highest
NeocortexTCG.png Neo Cortex Highest
NinaTCG.png Nina Highest
CrunchTCG.png Crunch Highest
NginTCG.png N. Gin Highest
NtropyTCG.png N. Tropy Highest
Ntrancetradingcard.png N. Trance Highest
Dingodile.png Dingodile (brainwashed) Highest
TinyTCG.png Tiny Highest
PolarTCG.png Polar (brainwashed) Highest
FakecrashTCG.png Fake Crash Highest

Orange Native Cards

Card Card Name Card Value
RedgemTCG.png Red Gem Lowest
GreengemTCG.png Green Gem Lowest
PurplegemTCG.png Purple Gem Lowest
YellowgemTCG.png Yellow Gem Lowest
BluegemTCG.png Blue Gem Lowest
ButterflyTCG.png Butterfly Lowest
FrogorangeTCG.png Frog Lowest
HamsterTCG.png Hamster Lowest
BunnyTCG.png Bunny Lowest
BirdTCG.png Bird Lowest
VaseTCG.png Vase Lowest
BasketTCG.png Basket Lowest
BlacksheepTCG.png Black Sheep Lowest
DragonflyTCG.png Dragonfly Lowest
Crystldrgn1TCG.png Crystallised Dragon 1 Lowest
Crystldrgn2TCG.png Crystallised Dragon 2 Lowest
Crystldrgn3TCG.png Crystallised Dragon 3 Lowest
DragoneggTCG.png Dragon Egg Lowest
TalismanTCG.png Talisman Lowest
FairyTCG.png Fairy Lowest
FireflyTCG.png Firefly Lowest
MinigameTCG.png Mini-Game Portal Lowest
LevelTCG.png Level Portal Lowest
MbshopTCG.png Moneybags Shop Lowest
FloorspikesTCG.png Floor Spikes Lowest
FallingiceshardsTCG.png Falling Ice Shards Lowest
LavapoolTCG.png Lava Pool Lowest
LavafountainTCG.png Lava Fountain Lowest
CastletalismanTCG.png Castle Talisman Low
ArctictalismanTCG.png Arctic Talisman Low
FiretalismanTCG.png Fire Talisman Low
JungletalismanTCG.png Jungle Talisman Low
TechtalismanTCG.png Tech Talisman Low
CrushgulptalismanTCG.png Crush and Gulp Talisman Low
NinatalismanTCG.png Nina Talisman Low
CortextalismanTCG.png Cortex Talisman Low
SpacechaseTCG.png Space Chase Talisman Low
SheeptalismanTCG.png Sheep Talisman Low
ZoeTCG.png Zoe Low
SparxTCG.png Sparx Low
SheilaTCG.png Sheila Low
RiptocTCG.png Riptoc Low
SorceressTCG.png Sorceress Low
GnastygnorcTCG.png Gnasty Gnorc Low
GrendorTCG.png Grendor Low
CastleriptocorangeTCG.png Castle Riptoc Low
FireriptocTCG.png Fire Riptoc Low
IceriptocTCG.png Ice Riptoc Low
FrozenriptocTCG.png Frozen Riptoc Low
EmberTCG.png Ember Low
GnorcTCG.png Gnorc Low
DragoneldersTCG.png Dragon Elders Low
StoneriptocTCG.png Stone Riptoc Low
DisguisedriptocTCG.png Disguised Riptoc Low
FlyingriptocTCG.png Flying Riptoc Low
JungleriptocTCG.png Jungle Riptoc Low
BalloonriptocTCG.png Balloon Riptoc Low
EloraTCG.png Elora Low
Pose1TCG.png Spyro Pose 1 Medium
Pose2TCG.png Spyro Pose 2 Medium
Pose3TCG.png Spyro Pose 3 Medium
Pose4TCG.png Spyro Pose 4 Medium
Pose5TCG.png Spyro Pose 5 Medium
Pose6TCG.png Spyro Pose 6 Medium
Pose7TCG.png Spyro Pose 7 Medium
Pose8TCG.png Spyro Pose 8 Medium
FlameTCG.png Flame Medium
HorndiveTCG.png Horn Dive Medium
ChargerhynocTCG.png Charging Rhynoc Medium
ChargeriptocTCG.png Charging Riptoc Medium
RiptowandTCG.png Ripto Wand Medium
HunterbowTCG.png Hunter Bow Medium
BlinkydigTCG.png Blinky Dig Medium
SgtbyrdrocketTCG.png Sgt. Byrd Rocket Medium
A9laserTCG.png Agent 9 Laser Medium
RocketandclubTCG.png Rocket and Club Medium
SsheepTCG.png S Sheep High
PsheepTCG.png P Sheep High
YsheepTCG.png Y Sheep High
RsheepTCG.png R Sheep High
OsheepTCG.png O Sheep High
ExclamationsheepTCG.png ! Sheep High
FireTCG.png Fire High
IceTCG.png Ice High
WindTCG.png Wind High
ElectricityTCG.png Electricity High
BubbleTCG.png Bubble High
SpitTCG.png Spit High
SpyroTCG.png Spyro Highest
BlinkyTCG.png Blinky Highest
SgtbyrdTCG.png Sgt. Byrd Highest
HunterTCG.png Hunter Highest
BentleyTCG.png Bentley Highest
BiancaTCG.png Bianca Highest
ProfessorTCG.png Professor Highest
Agent9TCG.png Agent 9 Highest
MoneybagsTCG.png Moneybags Highest
RiptoTCG.png Ripto Highest
CrushandgulpTCG.png Crush and Gulp Highest
SheeporangeTCG.png Sheep Highest


  • Some of the cards have duplicates originating from both games.
    • This is most evident with the gem cards, as gems are collectables in both series.
    • A frog card is also recycled, using the exact same sprite, only being assigned different values (with the Purple card being valued Low, and the Orange card being valued Lowest).
    • There is also a Castle Riptoc card from both games, however each use a different sprite of the Riptoc.