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Toxic Dash is the twenty-first level in Crash Bash, the sixth stage of the fourth warp room, and the second Crash Dash arena level. It has exploding toxic barrels along the edge and a monster made out of slime that appears in the center of the circular track that claps it's hands together to form 3 blobs that jump across the track. All players start with 10 laps. Players need to watch out that they don't fall into the toxic or they will lose time. This arena is based on the level Toxic Waste from the first game.

Special Items[]

  • Force Field - Can be collected from the arena and used to attack nearby opponents. Force fields in this arena look like a pink star and act very differently from force fields in N. Ballism, as the player chooses when to activate the force field in this level.
  • Wumpa Fruit - Players can collect wumpa fruit which allows them to use it for a boost.


  • Trophy: Win 3 times.
  • Gem: Player 1 starts with 10 laps while the opponents start with 8 laps. Time limit is 75 seconds.
  • Crystal: When you fall off the edge, the engine is filled with slime, which temporally slows your vehicle down.
  • Gold Relic: Win 2 times against the champions of the arena.
  • Platinum Relic: Win 3 times against the champions.


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Japanese ドクどく レーサー
Doku doku rēsā