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Totem Hokum is the third level in Crash Twinsanity and is the final level on N. Sanity Island.


It takes place soon after the Evil Twins confront Cortex for the first time and involves Crash saving him from bees and tribesmen. The level has Crash going through three segments: doc amok, river rollerbrawl, and the worm chase. Afterwards he is chased by the Tribesmen. This level is one of the two to feature Doc Amok. In Doc Amok, Crash has to rid Cortex's path of hazards and protect him from enemies. River Rollerbrawl features unique gameplay of hiding behind reeds in order to avoid being spotted by watchmen. The Worm Chase consists of Crash body-slamming a worm to chase it though Papu Papu's village, so that he can bounce on it to save Cortex. The level finishes off with a chase segment, where Crash is chased out of the village by spear tribesmen.


Green gem: The green gem is not far into the Doc-Amok section, just before the first spiked wall. It's in clear view, in front of the section Crash stands on. Simply jump over to it and grab it.

Purple gem: The purple gem is in clear view in between the paths in the Doc-Amok segment. You must blow up the nitro crates to clear the path for Cortex, in the process clearing the path to the gem. Simply run over and grab it.

Red gem: After the stealth section with the watchmen, you're on a small beach with some spear tribesmen and a boat. Just in front of the man-trap staircase that leads to the worm chase segment, there are three rocks on the ground. You must spin these across to reach a stack of nitro crates on a small island. This will trigger a ! crate, making bouncy metal crates appear to make a bridge to the island. The gem is on the island.

Yellow gem: In the Worm Chase segment, there are trapdoors that open and close on the roofs of huts. You must jump across these to reach the gem.

Blue gem: From the cliff at the top of the village, next to Papu Papu's hut, there are wooden ledges along the village wall. Jump along these to reach a watch tower with the blue gem inside.

Clear gem: The clear gem is in the final segment of the level, the chase section. Partway through, there is a large log across the path. Jump on it and then off of it, and you'll find the clear gem floating just above the path.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Totum Hokum (same as English)
German Totem-Tohuwabohu Totem Hubbub
Italian Villaggio Indiano Indian Village
Japanese ブンブンだいこうげき
Bunbunda ikou geki
Buzzing Big Attack
Spanish Tótem Tonto Silly Totem


  • This is the first Doc Amok level.
  • The Doc Amok theme is a reference to the Flight of the Bumblebee theme, and the Worm Chase theme is a reference to Blue Danube Waltz.
  • This is the first "stealth" segment of the game.
  • In the stealth segment, Crash doesn't necessarily need to crouch behind the reeds to avoid being spotted; he can crouch anywhere.
  • This is one of the many skippable levels in the game.
  • A glitch exists that allows Crash to find and kill the tribesmen seen in the beginning Doc Amok cutscene before it occurs. If this happens, the tribesmen will not appear in the cutscene.
  • An incomplete section of beach can be reached by rolling a barrel out to sea and floating over to it.
  • Despite being named "River Rollerbrawl", that section of the level doesn't contain any rollerbrawling. This may mean that the level was intended to contain rollerbrawling at some point in development.