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Awaken not, angry spirits that lie within, grave robber. Beyond this ancient vault of gold and family jewels awaits a profaned prophecy for those who disturb the mummy's slumber. Hee, hee, hee, the mummy's slumber! Ha, ha! Don't wake daddy either!"

Willie Wumpa Cheeks jokes about Tomb Town

Tomb Town is an Egyptian-themed world and is the fourth hub in Crash Tag Team Racing. It is a home to many animals, five Die-O-Ramas, and a single gag. It is very difficult to reach the hidden areas due to going back to the start of the path if the player falls out of them.

List of things that can be found in this hub[]

Race Tracks[]

The race tracks in Tomb Town are:

Race Rewards[]

  • 1st: 800 (25% bonus: 1,000, 50% bonus: 1,200) + 2 Power Crystals
  • 2nd: 600 (25% bonus: 750, 50% bonus: 900)
  • 3rd: 400 (25% bonus: 500, 50% bonus: 600)
  • 4th: 200 (25% bonus: 250, 50% bonus: 300)
  • 5th: 175 (25% bonus: 219, 50% bonus: 263)
  • 6th: 125 (25% bonus: 156, 50% bonus: 188)
  • 7th: 100 (25% bonus: 125, 50% bonus: 150)
  • 8th: 50 (25% bonus: 63, 50% bonus: 75)


  • Gold: 600 (25% bonus: 750, 50% bonus: 900) + 1 Power Crystal
  • Silver: 400 (25% bonus: 500, 50% bonus: 600)
  • Bronze: 250 (25% bonus: 313, 50% bonus: 375)
  • Finish: 100
  • New Record: 350

Battle Arena[]

Secret shortcut[]

A secret shortcut for Crash Test Mummies can be found inside a maze-like room with falling floors inside the temple where there is a dynamite in the area overlooking the race track. Press Square to get the secret shortcut.


Crash Bandicoot[]

Crunch Bandicoot[]

Pasadena O'Possum[]


  • Die-O-Rama 3: Camel Back - In the market area near Crash Test Mummies, there are two camels at the front of the market.
  • Die-O-Rama 7: The Smell of Money - Just before the entrance to the temple, there is a cow with a sign meaning "do not tip the cow over".
  • Die-O-Rama 8: Crossbowed - The crossbow found above the entrance.
  • Die-O-Rama 9: Explodeded - The ! sign on top of the temple maze-like walls, near the opening to the secret shortcut.
  • Die-O-Rama 23: Sliced and Diced - Machine near the chicken challenge.


  • Gag 3: Heavy Weight - The red button near a Park Drone on top of the temple maze-like walls near the location of the Explodeded Die-O-Rama.



  • The name Tomb Town is most likely a pun on the name "Toon Town", a location from the 1989 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.
  • In the temple, several statues of Dr. Cortex, featuring his original design, can be seen.
  • The walls that can crush Crash are lethal upon contact once moving, despite being blunt. This is presumably caused by a lack of a "death by crushing" algorithm in the game, as Crash will not get crushed anywhere else (in gameplay), even if a moving platform lands on him.
  • The level seems to have a hugely overlooked error. In the level's intro, Chick and Stew will outline the level having its own Battle Arena accompanying the races, the level itself even having one that can be entered through a passage only accessible by pressing a switch. However, upon entering it, no such Battle Arena is present, and the menu will default to Mystery Island's Battle Arena.
    • The PSP Version of the game does have a Battle Arena for Tomb Town that can be activated in the PS2 version, however this content would be completely inaccessible without said PSP version, therefore making the spoken call-out in the PS2 version very confusing in the final game

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