Titan Villages are villages inhabited by titans. Since the events of Crash of the Titans, the titans have become sapient (except for those controlled by Cortex, both by choice and by NV) and many have formed villages (possibly including some of Cortex's loyal minions). The greatest village is the Ratcicle Kingdom.

Ratcicle Kingdom

The Ratcicle Kingdom is a giant village formed on the Frozen Coast northwest of Wumpa Island. The Ratcicles settled down here, became more sapient and grew smaller. The village has a hierarchy of it's own and is led by a Ratcicle Warrior, the current one is the Ratcicle Hero.

The Junkyard

The Junkyard is composed of the broken down pieces of N. Gin's "Statue of Liberty" weapon factory. All the ooze leaked out and formed a suitable home for Sludges that used to live in the statue. N. Brio, teaming up with Cortex, saw the area as a perfect area for a dump. Dumping the materials, it creates a perfect home for the Sludges who now have grown more sapient.

Mount Grimly and the Uka Tree

Mount Grimly, located at the peak of the Uka Tree, is an excellent home for the Grimlys, a possible accident between bad mojo and a poor group of creatures. The Grimlys and their servants, the Znus are probably, with the Stenches, are the most loyal titans to Cortex and have therefore not become sapient yet (although the Stench have).

The Uka Tree is home to the Battlers who like to hang upside down on it. The Battlers share their habitat with the Voodoo Bunnies who are possibly their servants.


The Wasteland is a desert land that is settled by both Rhinorollers and Spikes. There is a Rhinoroller village located in the Wasteland consisting of of a trio of Rhinorollers who have become more sapient.

The Wasteland was first inhabited by the Scorporillas who lived there for a while until the Rhinorollers came and wiped them all out.

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