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The Titan Heroes are variations of regular titans that appear in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. They can be encountered in certain places in the world after a certain task has been accomplished and they (except the Ratcicle Hero) serve as sub-bosses.

There are six Titan Heroes around Wumpa Island, each of them located in different parts of the world. They vary in their colors from their regular counterparts, and they also wear accessories, including armor, cape, jewelry and more. Once one of them is jacked, the player can upgrade them five times, but it won't have an effect on the mojo collected for the regular versions of them. They have got slightly improved stats and a more powerful special ability, but besides these changes they don't have a new set of moves that would really differentiate them from the rest of their kind.

In the DS version, the Titan Heroes are sometimes called Elite Titans.

Titan Heroes

Spike Hero

The Spike Hero.

The evolved form of Spike, this is the first Titan Hero encountered (provided the player doesn't venture for the Ratcicle Hero first). The Spike Hero is different from the rest of its kind by the color. Regular Spikes are usually brown, while the Spike Hero is greyish-black with a red chest and wears red bandages on its arms and legs (on the PS2 version looks like a normal Spike with grey skin). Crash and Aku Aku first encounter it on the secret temple ruins on Wumpa Island, when they use a Ratcicle to cross over the river to a new temple section. The Spike Hero led a horde of Spikes and Snipes to destroy the Bandicoot's home while they were away in Ratcicle Kingdom. Crash tracks them to some old ruins on Wumpa Island. A cutscene plays in which the Spikes root for their leader to beat up Crash, but he ends up beating them instead. After the Spikes are defeated, Crash obtains the Hero Key, which allows him to open the huge gate in the Wasteland leading to the Junkyard. The Spike Hero can be found and jacked again at the ruins thereafter.

Snipe Hero

The evolved form of original Snipe, this titan holds one of three voodoo bones stolen from Uka Uka. It has darker skin than other Snipe and has green feathers, though it still fires purple feathers. It wears spotted bandages on its body and arm has an eye patch and a ring in its nose. Upon reaching the Wasteland via teleporter left by Uka Uka, Crash and Aku Aku hear from the local RhinoRollers that one of their children has been taken and kept by the thuggish Snipe, so the two make their way into the Snipes' den, fighting their way through a horde of Snipes to rescue the young RhinoRoller. When they reach its lair, the Snipe Hero was about to eat the young RhinoRoller, but Crash stopped him and the young RhinoRoller escaped. Angered, the Snipe Hero fights Crash, but is defeated. Afterwards, the Snipe Hero will respawn at its lair and can be jacked without resistance.

Grimly Hero

The evolved form of the original Grimly, it is one of the Titan Heroes keeping Uka Uka's stolen voodoo bones. While regular Grimlys are blue, this Grimly is more purplish in color. It is also scrawnier than other Grimly, has a tattoo on its forehead, much sharper teeth, wears a cape and gloves with many rings on its fingers (in the PS2 version it is just a purple version of an ordinary Grimly). Crash and Aku Aku first meet it after being teleported back to Wumpa Island in search for Uka Uka's bones. It is found in a massive tree that is in fact its palace, filled with Snipe and Grimly. They venture though its palace defeating all the guards and jacking a Grimly to pass a rolling boulder to get access to its throne room. The Grimly Hero awaits Crash, sitting on its throne, ready to fight him, and is backed up by fellow titans, but is soon defeated and leaves Uka Uka's stolen bone behind. Afterwards, it respawns in front of its throne and can be jacked without resistance.

Magmadon Hero

The evolved form of Magmadon, it is one of the three Titan Heroes that keep Uka Uka's stolen bones and is one of the many prisoners at the Ice prison. It is a darker red than regular Magmadons and wears a war helmet and shoulder armor. It appears earlier in the game when Crash and Aku Aku first venture to the Ice prison, it is seen frozen in the prison after the climbing part, though it seems to be much larger here, about the size of a Scorporilla. It then appears much later in the game having broken free from its cell. In order to find it, Crash and Aku Aku had to return to the Ice prison via teleporter. Upon arriving, they see some other Magmadons that have escaped and are starting a riot along with some Spikes, Grimlys and Slap-Es. They push forwards and venture though the Ice Prison after which they discover another opening in the icy caves (where it was frozen). Though the opening things seem to be warming up and starting to melt, in result of this there is steam and a waterfall with collapsing snow. In order to progress, they needed to jack a Grimly and jump over falling snow on the waterfall and venture inside the hidden cave, until they find the Hero Magmadon with two other Magmadons in a chamber filled with boiled water. The Hero Magmadon seems displeased at Crash's arrival and fights crash, but is soon defeated, liberating another one of Uka Uka's bones. After that event Crash can return to the chamber where the hero respawns and can be jacked without resistance.

Ratcicle Hero

Being the only Titan Hero that isn't aggressive from the start, as well as a Hero that is included in a side-quest rather than being a part of the plot, he is a white Ratcicle with mohawk-like hair and wears dark blue armor with spikey shoulder pads (in the PS2 version, he has no armor or mohawk, being just white instead). In order to find this hero, the player must talk to the folk in Ratcicle Kingdom, thereby realizing that the Ratcicle Hero has been kept prisoner. He can be found in the same area where the first TK is found, being imprisoned in a block of ice and guarded by savage Ratcicles and a Scorporilla. After the iceblock is broken by a jacked Scorporilla, the Ratcicle Hero can be jacked. Should he be killed or unjacked afterwards, he will respawn next to the kid Ratcicle next to the big statue in Ratcicle Kingdom. It is later revealed he is the kid's father. It is known that the Ratcicle Hero is the leader of the Ratcicles.

Sludge Hero

This evolved titan appears when Crash returns to the Junkyard at the Sludge village. The Sludge salesman was attacked by the Sludge Hero, who wears a lot of junk and a crown. When Crash arrives, the Sludge Hero attacks him instead. After Crash beats him, he respawns at the Sludge village and can be jacked without resistance.



  • In the PlayStation 2 version of Crash: Mind Over Mutant, the Titan Heroes wear no armor, clothing and accessories. They just vary in color from the rest of their species.
  • The Titan Heroes have their own theme song when fought.
  • It is not necessary to upgrade any of the Titan Heroes to reach 100% game completion.
    • While the number of upgrades obtained by regular titans can be viewed in Crash's house, the upgrades for the Titan Heroes can't be seen here.
  • The Ratcicle Hero is the only Hero that Crash doesn't have to fight, and thus the only hero who was never under NV-control.
    • He is referred to as the chief by the other inhabitants of the Ratcicle Kingdom.
  • The Ratcicle and Sludge Heroes appear in side quests rather than as part of the plot.
  • The Snipe Hero and the Sludge Hero are the only Titan Heroes that aren't supported by other mutants.
    • Both attack a peaceful NPC titan in their debut sequence, even if the Sludge Hero only torments the Sludge Salesman for sadistic pleasure, while the Snipe Hero actually tries to eat the baby RhinoRoller.
  • Wumpa Island is the only place to house two Titan Heroes, one of them being the Spike Hero and the other one being the Grimly Hero.
  • When the Spike Hero is influenced by the NV, its bandages are blue instead of red.
  • RhinoRoller, Battler, TK and Stench are the only non-boss titans not to have a corresponding Hero.