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Crash beside Spike (top) and Sludge (bottom), two species of titan.

Titans (also called mutants) are creatures mutated with the mystical substance mojo to become extra powerful. Crash has the ability to control a titan's powers by riding on its back and placing Aku Aku over its face, a technique known as "jacking".

When a wild titan takes damage, a star meter will appear above its head and increase. If the titan is left alone for too long, the meter will decrease. Once the meter is full, the titan will be stunned, and the player will be prompted to jack it. A stunned titan that isn't jacked, or a jacked titan that Crash dismounts, will die and dissolve into mojo.

All titans can perform a basic light attack, a heavy attack, and a special attack that draws from the Titan Meter. Most titans can also block attacks. In Crash: Mind Over Mutant, all titans have the ability to jump, and can "level up" to become stronger by collecting mojo. Some titans gained extra combo attacks as well.

Titans were first created via a process called "Mojo Mutation", which Uka Uka first taught Dr. Cortex in Crash of the Titans. Cortex went on to create an army of loyal titans from the local wildlife using a modified Evolvo-Ray. Most titans are mutated and/or spliced from wild animals, but not all: Uka Uka would later use this process to (temporarily) become a titan himself. Titans can also be created by ingesting mutagen, as was the case in Crash: Mind Over Mutant, when Cortex drank some of N. Brio's mutagen in a last-ditch effort to defeat Crash.

After the events of Crash of the Titans, some titan species began building villages across Wumpa Island, the most noteworthy of these being the Ratcicle Kingdom. The village inhabitants are not jackable and look quite different to most other titans of the same species. They are also uniquely capable of speech, offering Crash directions and encouragement on his journey.


Console-Edition Titans

The abbreviation refers to the games the titan can be found in.

Nintendo DS Version Titans

(These titans appeared in both games' DS versions, unless otherwise specified.)

Game Boy Advance Version Titans

Mobile Version Titans


  • In the introductory cutscene of Crash of the Titans, five animals (a turtle, a rabbit, a squirrel, a crocodile, and a bat) were mutated by Nina Cortex. The turtle became Magmadon and the bat became Battler. The rabbit, crocodile, and squirrel mutants, however, are unaccounted for in-game.