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Tire & Ice
Tire & Ice (こおりコリゴーリ lit. Ice Monster in Japanese) is the third and last race course in Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. It is the ninth race track out of all 15 of them in Crash Tag Team Racing.

The Race Track

Tire & Ice is the ninth track in the game and the third in the portal which is set in Ice Age of both Russia, Finland, and Canada. It has two gliding tin soldiers with a balloon, a mammoth from the glaciers, a lava pits with "spicy!" (which the lava are fake because it's funfair and actually a boiling water with magical yellow lights), a lava jump with avoiding tin soldiers shooting the missiles.

Stage parameters


  • Total: 44
  • Gold: 36
  • Silver: 30
  • Bronze: 24
  • Time Limit: 1:12.00

Fast Lap:

  • Gold: 0:52.00
  • Silver: 1:55.00
  • Bronze: 1:58.00

Rolling Thunder:

  • Gold: 18
  • Silver: 14
  • Bronze: 10

Run and Gun:

  • Total: 49
  • Gold: 40
  • Silver: 35
  • Bronze: 25



  • The track's name is a pun on "fire and ice".
  • The music that plays in the track is a remix of Russian folk songs Kalinka & Korobeiniki, which is the theme for Tetris, as well as The Hungarian Dance No. 5.
    • this track could be a reference to the Tetris Worlds, another game by Radical Entertainment.
  • One of Crash's skins can be seen frozen in the ice.
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