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Tiny Temple (known as Tiny's Temple in the handheld versions of CNK) is the third race course that appears in Crash Nitro Kart. Tiny Temple is the last race track in the planet Terra, and seems to be dedicated to Tiny. It is used in the Aku Cup and the Purple Gem Cup (along with Android Alley and Thunder Struck).

This track returned in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

Track design[]

There’s nothing “tiny” about this temple! Jumps, Turbo Pads, and even a giant loop in the track await–and there are plenty of traps ready to take you down, too. Avoid fire via careful timing or quick jumps, and stay away from those killer electrical vines by avoiding the walls halfway through the track.

Crash Nitro Kart Prima strategy guide

Tiny Temple takes place during nighttime and is filled with ancient architecture, fire-breathing torches, and different monuments that are all dedicated to Tiny. The track starts the racers off at the beginning of the temple. After passing a small right curve, they will come across a ramp with two torches on either side of the ramp blowing fire out of their mouths simultaneously. If the racers choose to take the ramp, they will avoid the torches altogether. However, if they choose to pass by the torches, they have a chance to get burned and spin out for a brief moment. After passing the ramp, they will come across a split path with a fork in the road. Right before the path, there will be a trap box that will trigger the torches for the split path. Every time a racer runs past the trap box, the torches will blow fire out towards a different path.

Right after finishing the split path, the racers will come to a wide area with a couple of destroyed machines on the side of the track. The machines contain a bunch of wires dangling wildly out of them. If a racer touches one of the wires, they will lose control of their kart and possibly their item. After passing the destroyed machinery, the racers will come across a speed pad that will turn the racers upside down and towards a different part of the path. Right before the finish line, there will be a giant ramp that racers must use to cross the giant gap and reach the finish line. If the racers are fast enough and stay on the left of the ramp, they can reach an X crate that will grant them three shots of a certain item. After crossing the gap and ramp, the racers can reach the finish line.


  • Fire-Breathing Torches - Scattered around the track are various torches resembling Easter Island statues. They breath fire out of their mouth and towards the main path that the karts race on. If players are burned by one of the torches, they will momentarily spin out and lose some Wumpa Fruit. The torches every so often will stop breathing fire, which gives the racers an opportunity to pass them by without taking any damage. At the middle part of the track, there will be a split path featuring torches on both paths. They spit out fire depending on the path that is decided by the trap box.
  • Loose Wires - Towards the end of the track, there are a couple of damaged machines that contain dangling wires outside of them. If a racer runs into one of these wires, they will received a shock similar to the effects of the Static Orb. If they are carrying any items, they will also be randomly switched too.


Crash Nitro Kart[]

Crash Nitro Kart (Game Boy Advance)[]

Crash Nitro Kart (N-Gage)[]

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled[]


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic كهف تايني
kahf tayni
Dutch Mini-Tempel
Tiny's Tempel (CNK Game Boy Advance)
French Petit Temple (Crash Nitro Kart)
Temple de Tiny (CNK GBA / N-Gage, CTR Nitro-Fueled)
German Tiny-Tempel
Tiny Tempel (CNK N-Gage)
Italian Tempio Tiny
Il Tempio di Tiny (CNK Game Boy Advance / N-Gage)
Japanese タイニーのおてら
Tainī no o tera
Portuguese Templo do Tiny
Spanish Templo Tiny
Templo Diminuto (CNK Game Boy Advance)
Templo de Tiny (CNK N-Gage)


  • Tiny Temple is one of the few tracks in CNK that seem to be dedicated to the main kart drivers.
  • This track is very similar to Tiger Temple from Crash Team Racing.
  • The statues of Cortex's Lab Assistants resemble the giant Moai Heads of Easter Island.
  • Nitrous Oxide's spaceship can be seen in an inaccessible field, meaning that the electric wires and debris in this section could be parts of his ship after it crashed.
  • In Nitro-Fueled, this track has several small creatures spectating the race, each wearing a Polynesian-like mask similar to Aku Aku, as well as resembling Krunk and colored just like him. Krunk's Jurassic Legendary skin introduced in the Back N. Time Grand Prix has him bear a similar mask in his unique victory podium animation, except this one's color scheme matches with the dark green and cyan from said Jurassic skin instead.
  • In the console version of CNK's French localization, the track's name is translated into "Petit Temple" (literally "Small Temple"), ignoring that fact that "Tiny" was a character's name rather than a descriptor. This isn't present in the handheld versions of CNK and was fixed in CTR-NF, all of which use the name "Temple de Tiny" (lit. "Temple of Tiny").
    • The same mistake was made in the Spanish localization of the Game Boy Advance version of CNK, being named "Templo Diminuto". This was also subsequently fixed in the N-Gage port of the Game Boy Advance version, with the track being called "Templo de Tiny".
    • The Dutch console version has the same error, calling the track "Mini Temple", but this is corrected in the GBA version.
  • The loading screen artwork for this track in CNK strangely has 2 Nitros Oxide's - one being shocked, presumably by a Static Orb, and one driving ahead of Crash Bandicoot. This was likely an oversight by the developers.