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Tiny Arena is the twelfth racecourse in Crash Team Racing and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It is Tiny Tiger's home course and is included in both the Nitro Cup and the Yellow Gem Cup with Dingo Canyon, Hot Air Skyway, and Oxide Station. In adventure mode, it's in Glacier Park, inside an igloo.


This course is both easy and difficult at the same time. It is easy because you are surrounded by high walls and will never have to worry about falling off the track. The difficulty comes in avoiding the mud and making the tight turns. Hopping the moguls and power sliding is key here more than any other race.

Crash Team Racing Prima strategy guide

The track takes place in a massive arena, full of bumps, hills and mud pits, all surrounded by massive walls, with neon signs of Tiny's face visible high above. In Nitro-Fueled, this track is home to a giant metal statue of Tiny, with the walls covered with graffiti and advertisements and small aircraft with more adverts on them flying around under the high ceiling.

The track begins with a brief straight section with two bumps before turning to the right. There's another short straight with two more bumps before u-turning to the right. There are two bumps on either side of the road before a mud pit, then a sharp right-angle left turn quickly followed by another, with a boost pad before it. There are some more bumps on a straight section before a curve to the right, leading to a longer straight with even more bumps. The track gently curves to the right then back to the left, proceeds straight ward for a short while with a few more mounds before sharply turning right. Another set of two bumps awaits before another U-turn to the left, soon followed by another to the right.

Next is a gentle curve to the right, with many bumps and mud pits along the way before a U-turn to the left. After this is a long straight which dips down before going back uphill with a boost pad along the way, at the beginning to the right. After the straight is an upwards loop to the right, bringing racers to a bridge over the previous straight with a mud pit at the end in the middle of the road. The track angles to the right then back to the left, going straight briefly before turning left, then right, then u-turning to the left. Ahead is a long straight section with many boost pads, bumps and mud pits leading back to the finish line.

CTR Challenge[]

  • C: The C is easily obtainable, sitting to the right of the track by a mud pit not long after the bridge.
  • T: The T isn't far from the starting line, floating in the air between the two bumps after the first U-turn.
  • R: The R is not far from the finish line, floating after the first bump after the last U-turn.



Crash Team Racing[]

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled[]

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic حلبة تايني
halbat tayni
Dutch Tiny Arena
French Arène Tiny
German Kleine Arena
Italian Arena Piccola (PS1)
Arena di Tiny (Nitro-Fueled)
Japanese スーパー どろぬまアリーナ
Sūpā doronu ma arīna
Portuguese Arena do Tiny
Spanish Circuito Tiny


  • Tiny Arena is the longest track in the original CTR. In Nitro-Fueled, this title was taken by Electron Avenue.
  • The background music is the same as that of Slide Coliseum and Turbo Track.
  • In the remaster, Nitro-Fueled, there are advertisements for other tracks in the game, Crash Cove, Blizzard Bluff, Hot Air Skyway, N. Gin Labs, Turbo Track, Oxide Station and Dingo Canyon. There are also advertisements for Wumpa Whip.
  • In the 1999 Italian localization, the track's name is translated literally into "Small Arena", ignoring that fact that "Tiny" was a character's name rather than a descriptor. This is ironic, considering that this course is one of the largest in the game. This mistake was corrected in Nitro-Fueled by changing the track's name to "Arena di Tiny" (Tiny's Arena).
    • This same error was made in the German localization, which was never corrected.