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Tikimon is a giant totem god who appeared in Crash Twinsanity as the second boss of the game. This is a battle in which Crash fights with Cortex against Tikimon. Crash must throw Cortex to his mouth, which makes him choke and regurgitate Cortex back out. This must be repeated three more times to defeat him.

In the demo of Twinsanity, players can only get to the place where Crash and Cortex fight him with a levitation code (the normal place is the entrance to Totem Hokum in the demo), and he is not there. Instead he is replaced by a big clump of grass. It is unclear whether he was already living or was brought to life by the Evil Twins.


Crash Twinsanity

In his first (and currently only) appearance, he is first seen slumbering in the middle of a high plateau surrounded by cliffs. When Crash and Cortex attempt to pass through the clearing on the way to the Iceberg Lab, they are ambushed by the Evil Twins. They inform them of their plan to destroy their dimension, after which Tikimon awakens. Enraged, he attacks Crash and Cortex as the Evil Twins planned. After being defeated, Tikimon collapses.


Physical Appearance

Tikimon is giant, being much taller than Crash, towering over him even when halfway underground as he is during his boss fight. He appears to be made out of stone, though is shaped to appear quite muscular. He has four arms, each adorned with a golden bracelet around the wrist with red diamond-shaped gems embedded in them. More of these red gems are embedded in his knuckles. He has two faces, one on each side of his head. One face's mouth is wide open as if it's yelling, the other is bearing its teeth in a grimace. He has thick rectangular eyebrows, a square nose, two squares of stone on his chin as if it were a beard, more stone-shaped like a sun-like head dress on his head, and glowing pure green eyes with golden eyebags.


Being a Totem God, Tikimon is prone to all sorts of supernatural powers, such as the ability to slam his fist into the ground and cause shock-waves to hurt enemies (or in this case, Crash and Cortex). He can also bury himself neck-deep underground and bring up his arms for a sneak attack. Another one of his powers is summoning miniature statues to chase a target. Tikimon's eyes can also generate two powerful red lasers that he can aim at will.



  • Touching Tikimon even after he's been defeated will damage Crash, and can still kill him. If Crash does touch Tikimon when he's dead, and Crash dies, the boss fight will start over from the beginning.
  • It's possible to skip Tikimon's boss fight by jumping on the stones right before the entrance, as seen here.