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A mysterious islet located in the Wumpa Archipelago.

In-game description

Tiki Towers is a map in Crash Team Rumble. It was one of three maps available in the game's closed beta period. The map is based on the shore and ruin sections of Rude Awakening in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The map was heavily modified as a mini-game called "Speed Run" in Party Mode when season 2 launched.

The map uses music from Turtle Woods' Death Route for Competitive Match and Hog Ride for Party Mode, both from Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

Relic Stations

Uka Uka

  • "Become Uka's personal inferno and rain meteors from the sky."

Summons Uka Uka. When a team activates it, they are surrounded by firey force-fields while meteors fall from the sky across the whole map. The force-fields deal damage to any enemies you touch. This pad can be activated for 30 Relics. It is unavailable until 50 seconds into the match.


  • "Rains down damage on the Bank."

A bombardment of cannonballs rain down onto one of the banks. Either team can use either bombardment, meaning it can be used to defend your own bank or to block the other team from reaching theirs. Costs 8 Relics to activate. It is unavailable until 2 minutes and 30 seconds into a match.


  • "Launches you far across the map."

Creates a small trampoline that is only usable by the team that activates it. Launches your character across the map upon touching it, making for a convenient escape route or assisting in faster transport for slow-moving heroes. It costs 2 Relics to activate. It is always available.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Arabic أبراج تيكي
'abraj tikyun
French Tours Tiki
German Tiki-Türme
Italian Torri Tiki
Japanese ティキ・タワー
Tiki tawā
Polish Wieże Tiki
Portuguese Torres Tiki
Spanish Torres Tiki