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Tikis are enemies that only appear in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and N. Sane Trilogy. They appear in Diggin' It and Bee-Having.


The tikis have two sides, opposed to each other: One side looks like an angry face, while the other looks like an happy smiling face. The angry face has red "eyebrows" and a "mouth", while the happy face has darker colours.

They can change their face at any point by spinning the pieces of stone they are made of. They alternate every time they move.


This enemy moves across the floor in different directions and constantly changing his speed too.

In Diggin' It, its starting point is in the middle, and it can only move in a square.

In Bee-Having, Tikis now move in a pattern, with double speed.

They cannot be defeated by any attack, not even with the invincibility power-up.



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