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Thorn Thing is one of Mr. Crumb's servants and the second boss of Crash Bandicoot (99X).


Crash Bandicoot (99X)[]

Thorn Thing is the second boss of 99X, being one of Mr. Crumb's three servants along with Grumbler and Digger. His grip is lethal, and he crushes enemies with great force. His main attack is a punch given with his left arm. His character is inspired by Monster Tweetie, a character from the Looney Tunes cartoon.[1]

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run![]

Thorn Thing makes his second appearance 23 years later in On the Run!, once again a henchman of Mr. Crumb. His main methods of attack are shooting balls of thorny vines out of the top of his head to roll down a single lane, and by summoning spiky roots that shoot out of the ground. Like all henchmen, Thorn Thing is defeated by simply avoiding obstacles to reach him and using the Portal Weapons crafted beforehand to send him back to his own dimension.


Physical description[]

Thorn Thing at first appears to be an anthropomorphic tree. He is a trunk that looks dry and old, with limbs like arms and feet. He has a slit in the center of his body where his eyes are hidden in the darkness. From the concept art created by Crash 99x developer George Fergan, Thorn Thing looks like a trunk with red eyes and eyebrows, with a birdhouse on his head and shrubs acting as limbs for hands and feet.

After being defeated in On the Run! it is revealed that the tree bark is actually protective armor and his real body is a green sphere with thick eyebrows, no mouth and long, spindly limbs.


There's not much to say about this character. He hardly ever talks. He often grunts or whispers some exotic plant name. He has the personality of a child, which is why he can be dangerous because he has no inhibitory brakes. [1]

According to a post by the official Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! Twitter account, Thorn Thing is 54 years old.[2]

Additional information[]