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The Past Unmasked is the fifth and last boss fight and the final story level of Cortex Island (1996). It is also the thirty-fourth and final main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.


Crash and Coco confront Doctor Neo Cortex for the second and last time during the game. Cortex has imprisoned his past self and enslaves the Quantum Masks to use their and his Shoot-o-Matics against the bandicoots. The battle has five phases and in each phase, Crash or Coco need jump on or body slam the Shoot-o-Matics to destroy them, while avoiding electric waves and the effects of the Quantum Masks. When all Shoot-o-Matics have been destroyed, Cortex sends Lab Assistants to attack that the player must spin towards Cortex.

After Cortex is defeated for the second time, a few crates fall on his head and he passes out. Crash frees the past Cortex who goes to his lab to subject the past Crash to the Cortex Vortex, stating that his first order of business will be to dispose of the future Cortex. As the Bandicoots watch the experiment unfold, Crash rests on the eject button of a component which causes the Cortex Vortex to break down, with Coco realizing this is the reason why the experiment failed in the first place. Akano falls on Cortex's back and the other Quantum Masks send Cortex to the end of universe. Cortex, now stranded in a desolate land with absolutely nothing, is a little bit sad for being alone but then is happy for getting peace and quiet. Dingodile reopens Dingo's Diner, while on N. Sanity Island, Crash, Coco and Tawna are playing video games while Aku Aku and the Quantum Masks watch them play.

Names in other Languages[]

Language Name
Arabic ماضي بلا أقنعة
madi bila 'aqniea
French Le Passé Démasqué
German Vergangenheit 2.0
Italian Passato Smascherato
Japanese コルテックスの やぼう
Korutekkusu no yabō
Polish Zdemaskowana Przeszłosc
Portuguese Passado Desmascarado
Russian Срывая маски с прошлого
Sryvaya maski s proshlogo
Spanish El Pasado Desenmascarado