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You may be looking for this level's namesake from Crash Bandicoot.

The Lab is the sixth level in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, as well as the second level of Ice Warp Island. It is unlocked after collecting 60 Power Gems and takes 3 hours to regenerate its items.


You should know by now that Crash and Coco aren't fond of labs, and this one is no different. Watch out for a few 'shocking" surprises on your runs.

Official level description.[1]

Level Design[]

The level takes place in the laboratories of Neo Cortex. Recordings of his voice can be heard playing in the background. Electric gates and laser barriers which can electrocute the player are introduced in this level.


Gem Run[]

The gem run for The Lab requires the player to collect all 270 Wumpa Fruit in the level, with the help of the force-fields generated by Oxide Boom Berries. The prize for this is a green gem. After the gem has been earned, the challenge can be reattempted once every 24 hours for two purple crystals.

Prior to the Running Outta Time! update, the Wumpa Fruit requirement didn't exist, with the player needing to simply reach the end to succeed.

Challenge Run[]

The challenge run for The Lab requires the player to break all 45 crates, with the reward being 10 Red Eyes.

Names In Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 大頭實驗室
Dàtóu shíyàn shì
Simplified Chinese 实验室
Shíyàn shì
French Le Labo
German Das Labor
Japanese ビリビリ けんきゅうしつ
Biribiri ken kyūshitsu
Korean 실험실
Portuguese Laboratório
Russian Лаборатория
Spanish El Laboratorio
Thai ห้องทดลอง
H̄̂xng thdlxng
Turkish Laboratuvar
Vietnamese Phòng Thí Nghiệm