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That Sinking Feeling is the ninth level and is the fourth level of the second warp room in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. Just like Tornado Alley in the previous chamber, it is via air. However, this time, it takes place in a island surrounded by a volcano and a fleet of ships. Here, Crash uses an unusual flying vehicle called the Firefly. It is the only time the firefly is used in the game.


  • Wait until the target locks. Don't quickly press X until the target is locked onto. Release the button to shoot missiles.
  • Some of the enemy planes are trying to smash Crash. Beware! They cause major damage.
  • Don't use the missiles for shooting planes. Instead, shoot the anti-air craft turrets.
  • When Crash's health drops, quickly shoot a health balloon.
  • Sometimes the regular balloons give lives.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Help, we Zinken Help, we're Sinking
French Un Siphon Font Font Making a Trap
German Miese Stimmung Bad Mood
Italian Mi Sento Giù... Giù... Giù I feel down... down... down
Japanese かいぞくせんを やっつけろ!
Kai zo ku sen o yattsukero!
Attack the Pirate Ships!
Korean 해적선 무찌르기
Haejeogseon Mujjileugi
Defeat the Pirate Ship
Spanish Esto se Hunde This Sinks



  • Interestingly, the Crash Glider was originally going to be used in this level instead of the Firefly. It was actually a separate version of the glider coded with the same lock-on system as the Firefly. It can be found in the final version through hacking.

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