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Thar He Blows! is the timeline level of Salty Wharf and the second timeline level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. It is an alternate version of Booty Calls and Dingodile's first timeline level, where he is playable for the first part of the level and the crate placement is altered. To access this level, the player must first complete Home Cookin'.


After being unexpectedly sucked into a quantum rift back at his swamp, Dingodile finds himself in the pirate times. Upon finding out that he's no longer at home, he makes it his mission to get back to where he originally spawned in from. Along the way, Dingodile finds a quantum rift that'll take him back to his own timeline, setting off the cannon while jumping into the rift. The rest of the level continues as in the original with the pirate rats guarding the gate being demolished by the cannonball, letting Crash/Coco proceed as normal.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Arabic !لن يرقد في سلام
ln yarqud fi salam!
French Là ça saute !
German Setzt die Segel!
Italian Sta arrivando!
Japanese ターボで ふっとばせ!
Tābo de futtobase!
Polish Morska bryza
Portuguese Ai Está Ele!
Russian Шальной снаряд
Shal'noy snaryad
Latin-American Spanish Acción Explosiva
European Spanish ¡Allá va!