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All is evil in the 10th dimension... Well, apart from all the evil stuff!

The Tenth Dimension is the moral opposite of Crash's home dimension. Everything that is considered benevolent in Crash's dimension is malevolent in the Tenth Dimension and vice-versa whereas Crash's dimension is bright and colorful, the Tenth Dimension is dark and gloomy. The Tenth Dimensional equivalent of the luscious N. Sanity Island is the barren Twinsanity Island, where the feral and ferocious Evil Crash resides. The Tenth Dimension had only appeared in Crash Twinsanity, though it is mentioned in the description of Crash's Evil Crash skin in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!.


As a child, Dr. Cortex had accidentally sent his pet parrots Victor and Moritz to the Tenth Dimension while testing his prototype Evolvo-Ray. Victor claimed that the severe "reverso-radiation" in the Tenth Dimension sharpened the skills of the parrots and warped their "fragile, egg-shelled minds", causing them to become the Evil Twins. During a confrontation, with the Evil Twins in the Ice Caves, Victor lets on that they and Cortex have history together and that their plan is in the name of revenge, much to Cortex's confusion since he doesn't remember them. After recruiting Nina Cortex From the Academy of Evil, Cortex suddenly recalls the Evil Twins' origins on the way back To the Iceberg Lab. And uses the Psychetron to travel to the Tenth Dimension. After traveling through the Evil Twins' lair in the Tenth Dimension, Crash, Cortex and Nina find the Evil Twins in their throne room. After a brief verbal confrontation, Cortex is easily able to make the twins go back into their bird cage from years of conditioning as his pets. Enraged at Cortex, they then use their powers to transform the cage into a giant robot known as the Deathbot. After the final showdown against them, the Deathbot is destroyed by Crash, who is controlling the Mecha-Bandicoot. With nowhere else to turn, the Evil Twins flee to Evil Crash's house, whereupon Evil Crash attacks and eats them.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 第十次元
Dì shí cìyuán
Simplified Chinese 10 个次元
10 Gè cìyuán
French 10e Dimension
German 10. Dimension
Italian 10ª Dimensione
Japanese 十次元
Korean 10차원
Portuguese 10ª Dimensão
Russian Десятое измерение
Desyatoye izmereniye
Spanish Décima Dimensión
Thai มิติที่ 10
Miti thī̀ 10
Turkish 10. Boyut
Vietnamese chiều không gian thứ 10


  • In the cutscene prior to entering the tenth dimension, Cortex breaks the fourth wall and says, "It should have been two new dimensions, but we ran out of time.". This is a mocking joke on the game's development, as Traveller's Tales originally planned to include more than one dimension in the game, but this idea was cut due to development deadlines and time issues for the game.
  • The tenth dimension used to look a lot different in an earlier version before the game's release. There used to be an erupting volcano in the background and the sky was filled with clouds.
  • The Tenth Dimention was meant to be explorable before the game's release, having parallel versions of Wumpa Island and Cortex Island. This was cut due to time constraints.
  • Due to time constraints, Evil Crash is the only character from the tenth Dimension that wasn't cut from Crash Twinsanity. There was also supposed to be an Evil Coco, a Good Cortex, and evil Capu Capu.
    • According to Crash Twinsanity developer Fake Nina, Evil Coco and Evil Capu Capu were cut due to time constraints, as the cutscene Evil Coco was set to appear in was unfinished and the other islands Evil Capu Capu was going to take Crash to were cut.