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The Tenth Dimension is the moral opposite of Crash's home dimension. Everything that is considered benevolent in Crash's dimension is malevolent in the Tenth Dimension and vice-versa whereas Crash's dimension is bright and colorful, the Tenth Dimension is dark and gloomy. The Tenth Dimensional equivalent of the luscious N. Sanity Island is the barren Twinsanity Island, where the feral and ferocious Evil Crash resides. The 10th Dimension only appeared in Crash Twinsanity.


As a child, Dr. Cortex accidentally sent his pet parrots Victor and Moritz to the Tenth Dimension while testing his prototype Evolvo-Ray. Victor claimed that the severe "reverso-radiation" in the Tenth Dimension sharpened the skills of the parrots and warped their "fragile, egg-shelled minds", causing them to become the Evil Twins. In an earlier version of the game, this reverso-radiation would affect Crash and Cortex upon entering the Tenth Dimension, causing their personalities to switch. This would lead to a reversal of the Doc Amok levels seen earlier in the game (named "Mock-A-Doc"), in which Crash, who has taken on the form of Evil Crash, must attack Cortex and make him as angry as possible.


  • In the cutscene prior to entering the tenth dimension, Cortex breaks the fourth wall and says "We were supposed to visit two dimensions, but we ran out of time.". This is a mocking joke on the game's development, as Traveller's Tales originally planned to include more than one dimension in the game, but this idea was cut due to development deadlines and time issues for the game.
  • The tenth dimension used to look a lot different in an earlier version before the game's release. There used to be an erupting volcano in the background and the sky was filled with clouds.
  • Originally, there would have been an Evil Coco and Good Cortex, but they were cut from the game.
  • Like many other parts of the game, the 10th dimension was planned to have more levels. Levels that would have taken place here include Rehab Lab, Lava Caves, the Cut Hoverboard Level, the Cut Train Express Level, the Cut Crate Factory Level and the Cut UFO Level.
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