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You may be looking for this level's namesake from Crash Bandicoot.

Temple Ruins is the third level in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, as well as the third level of Wumpa Island. It is unlocked after collecting 20 Power Gems and takes 5 hours to regenerate its items.


Many Treacherous things hide within the unforgiving stone of these dusty old remnants, not least a number of tricky baddies and unnerving death-traps out to truly ruin your day.

Official level description.[1]

Level Design[]

The level takes place in dark underground ruins, with buttons and spear traps aplenty.


Gem Run[]

The gem run for Temple Ruins requires the player to destroy all of the Spiders in the level. The prize for this is a green gem. After the gem has been earned, the challenge can be re-attempted once every 24 hours for two purple crystals.

Challenge Run[]

The challenge run for Turtle Woods requires the player to break all 119 crates, with the reward being 15 Pop Blossoms.

Names In Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 神殿遺跡
Shéndiàn yíjī
Simplified Chinese 神庙废墟
Shén miào fèixū
French Ruines du Temple
German Tempelruinen
Japanese こだいの しんでん
Ko Dai no Shinden
Korean 사원의 유적
sawon-ui yujeog
Portuguese Ruínas Do Templo
Russian Руины Храма
Ruiny Khrama
Spanish Ruinas Del Templo
Thai ซากวิหาร
Sāk wih̄ār
Turkish Tapınak Harabeleri
Vietnamese Tàn Tích Đền Thờ