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Template:Portal/Did you know is a Main Page template based on {{portal}} used to provide a list of randomly selected trivia facts. This is helpful both to introduce new visitors to viable content to read up on, as well as engage readers with obscure facts they may have not known otherwise.


The content of the "Did you know?" section is subject to the following policy:

  1. All information must be verifiable by checking the relevant article(s) for citations to reliable sources. As such, each line must contain link(s) to the articles with sources (preferably within the prose). Citations are not required within the "Did you know?" section itself.
  2. Content must not be obvious and must be interesting. Avoid including information that can be gathered simply by playing the game normally; the best type of information for this section is information gathered from research (defined as the examination of obscure sources, or the cross-examination of multiple different sources).

The following tips may be helpful in adding to this template:

  • "Behind the scenes" information is usually always suitable. This information cannot be gathered from the games, and contextualizes the experience of the game itself. This makes it a high-value source of information.
  • A good rule of thumb is to avoid adding content that purely consists of major spoilers. While such information is interesting because it is important, it is unsuitable because it is obvious given that the reader has played the game in question.
    • Spin-off titles are somewhat an exception to this, as they typically have less exposure and garner less attention. As such, major spoilers from spin-offs may not be as widely known, and therefore could be suitable for this section (especially if such spoilers help contextualize concepts from the main series).


Each of the (usually) four lines have (roughly) five possible outcomes. In other words, each line is contained within a choose element, and within that element, there are five options. These options are selected randomly.

In order to add a new line, a sixth line may be added to any of the four slots. When six have been added to all four, these may then constitute their own fifth slot, and so on and so forth.
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