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Template:Portal/Affiliates is a Main Page template based on {{portal}} used to spotlight affiliated communities with the Crash Bandicoot Wiki.

Note that the affiliates program is a separate entity from the Platforming Games footer at the bottom of the Main Page, over which this wiki has no control.


Our affiliates program is governed by the following policy:

  • Affiliation between this wiki and another must be mutual. In order for a wiki's logo to appear on the Main Page, the Crash Bandicoot Wiki's logo must appear on theirs. If an affiliate relationship should change, effort must be made to contact the administrators of the appropriate wiki.
  • Generally speaking, affiliated wikis should cover topics closely related to the Crash Bandicoot series, such as spiritual predecessors and successors developed by the same studio, franchises commonly recognized as peers to Crash Bandicoot, franchises that have a recurring use of Crash Bandicoot characters, or franchises that have a significant fan-base overlap.


Each logo is displayed via an external-formatted link to the affiliate wiki's Main Page, with the display text set to the raw URL to the affiliate wiki's wordmark. This helps avoid uploading each wiki's logo to the Crash Bandicoot Wiki, while still enabling a link to that wiki's Main Page.
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