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Teknee is the fourth and final planet in Crash Nitro Kart. It represents a robotic, electronic and hyper-spacial world, with futuristic cities, robots and heavy mechanical and industrial areas. The sky is typically a dark terracotta color. The planet's name is derived from the word technological. The boss of the planet is Geary.

The hub world of Teknee looks similar to Android Alley. An anti-gravity illusion makes it look as though the hub world is upside down. The sky is darker and there are no neon signs, and the buildings have less color. The indoor section also looks completely different from other places in Teknee and it is quite noisy. The Teknee hub world has warp pads on metallic platforms joining to a blue magnetic track. All of the Teknee world hub track is a blue magnetic anti-gravity track, signifying that all of the race tracks in the world have a portion of anti-gravity tracks on them. The hub world is below Android Alley, one level up and above Assembly Lane, down on the surface of the planet. Electron Avenue is far above Android Alley on the edge of the planet's atmosphere, with Magnetic Mayhem in a large building just beneath it.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テクニー
(Same as English)


  • Assembly Lane - A polluted factory in a muddy, industrial environment.
  • Android Alley - A robotic city with many tall buildings, some robots and a train. It is also the track for the race against Geary. Velo billboards can also be seen on the track.
  • Electron Avenue - A super high-tech, advanced city set at night with neon signs, speedways and flying vehicles. There aren't any robots here.
  • Magnetic Mayhem - An indoor industrial area filled with machines and speedways, but like Electron Avenue, there are no robots.