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The Team Trance is the kart that the members of Team Trance drive in Crash Nitro Kart. It is a green go-kart that resembles a bumper car. It reappears in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled as a kart set that is unlockable in Adventure mode.


The Team Trance is a green go-kart which body is based on that of bumper cars. It has two oval-shaped blue headlights and an antenna on its front, reminiscent of the collector poles on bumper cars, albeit the latter are on the back of bumper cars instead of the front. It has a brown leather seat and both its bottom bumper bar and the upper edges of the kart are blue. It has two exhaust pipes and its wheels have reddish-orange rims, which have a pattern reminiscent of a radioactive hazard symbol. In Crash Nitro Kart, it does not feature a steering wheel, nor gas or brake pedals; due to the relation with N. Trance, who has psychokinetic powers, and the presence of an antenna on the vehicle, which also matches with the antennae that Dingodile, Polar, and Pura have, it can be inferred that the Team Trance is instead driven with the driver's mind in this game. Concept art for the kart features Polar's antenna connecting with the kart's antenna, which is seen on the back of the vehicle much like collector poles in bumper cars as previously mentioned.

The Team Trance sees a redesign in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, its headlights now visibly protrude from the kart and have a more bulbous shape, and are spaced farther away from each other. The borders of the bottom bumper bar are straighter and flatten down at the front, resembling that of a bumper car less than before. The antenna now has a wrap of duct tape, with the exhaust pipes having a white trim to match; the exhaust pipes are now lighter in color to the bottom bumper bar and upper edges of the kart to make use of the paint job system. The wheels are now metallic instead of rubbery, and its rims now bear more resemblance to a radioactive hazard symbol.


Crash Nitro Kart[]

The Team Trance first appears in Crash Nitro Kart as the kart that Team Trance, comprised of N. Trance, Dingodile, Polar, and Pura (in the console versions) or Spyro the Dragon (in the Game Boy Advance version), drive in races. Unlike the Team Bandicoot kart or the Team Cortex kart, it is not known who was the designer of the kart or if Velo modified it. It is also the only kart to not have a steering wheel; because of this, it can be inferred that the kart is controlled using telekinesis. Like the other karts, it is capable of defying gravity by transforming in certain sections of a track. It goes unnamed in this game.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled[]

The Team Trance reappears in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled as a kart set that can be used by any character and is given a name. Like other kart sets in the game, it can be recolored with any paint job; the green color of the body corresponds to the primary color of a paint job, the elements colored blue, excluding the exhaust pipes, use the secondary color with the exhaust pipes using the tertiary color instead. The Team Trance Green paint job features the original primary, secondary, and tertiary colors of the Team Trance, with its decal color being red.

The Team Trance kart set is fully unlocked by earning a trophy in Dingo Canyon. It is one of the few kart sets that aren't unlocked in the Pit Stop. Extra kart body decals for the Team Trance can be obtained from Adventure mode or purchased in the Pit Stop.

The Team Trance also makes an appearance in adverts seen in Tiny Arena.

Kart set items and kart body decals[]

Item Unlock Condition Nitro Boost (GP)
DefaultNF TTrance Kart
Kart Body
Team Trance
Earn a Trophy in Dingo Canyon in Adventure mode Back N Nitro Cannister 10%
ExoticNF TTrance Wheels
Team Trance
Earn a Trophy in Tiger Temple in Adventure mode None
ExoticTeam trance green paint
Paint Job
Team Trance Green
Earn a Trophy in Papu's Pyramid in Adventure mode Gasmoxia Nitro Cannister 5%
BasicPolka dots decal
Polka Dots
Earn 6 CTR Tokens in Adventure mode Back N Nitro Cannister 5%
ExoticBouquet of flowers decal
Bouquet of Flowers
Earn 7 CTR Tokens in Adventure mode Back N Nitro Cannister 5%
ExoticHigh tech one decal
High Tech One
Earn 7 Relics in Adventure mode Back N Nitro Cannister 5%
ExoticEvening shade decal
Evening Shade
Wumpa Coin 500 Decal Back N Nitro Cannister 5%
LegendaryHigh tech two decal
High Tech Two
Wumpa Coin 1000 Decal Back N Nitro Cannister 5%


Crash Nitro Kart[]

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled[]