Tawna T

A Tawna Token from the level Jungle Rollers.

Tawna Tokens are tokens found in the first Crash Bandicoot game which unlock bonus rounds in certain levels, and are hidden in specific wooden crates. If all 3 tokens are collected in a level, Crash will automatically warp to a bonus round.  If Crash completes the bonus round without falling or being exploded by a TNT, he can save his progress.  Upon completion of the bonus round, the crate containing the third token will be a check point any time the level is entered again.  The same is true if a Tawna bonus round in a later level is completed.  Like Aku Aku masks and 1-Ups, these tokens can be spun away, but doing this would complicate matters in collecting all of the tokens in a level. These tokens are the most common tokens in the game.

Tawna tokens are found in fifteen of the game's levels. In some of those levels, completing the bonus round will save at that level. For example, Jungle Rollers is one of these levels. If the last Tawna bonus round completed is in Jungle Rollers, then if the player restarts the game or runs out of lives and most load the save file again, the player will have to complete Jungle Rollers again to move ahead with the game.  In some other levels with Tawna tokens, such as The Great Gate, completing the bonus round saves at the next level. If the last Tawna bonus round completed is in The Great Gate, then loading the save file will have all the levels unlocked through Boulders, which is the level after The Great Gate. Technically, the player could move ahead without finishing The Great Gate.  However, whenever a Tawna bonus round saves at the next level, it is because the third token is located very close to the end of the level, so the developers assumed that almost anyone who reaches the bonus round will be able to finish the level. Below are the levels containing Tawna bonus rounds.


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