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Tawna Bandicoot is an alternate-universe counterpart to the main universe's Tawna Bandicoot, first introduced in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. Following the deaths of her friends at the hands of her universe's N. Tropy, she traveled between dimensions and befriended Crash and Coco Bandicoot in the main universe. She is a playable character in both It's About Time and Crash Team Rumble.



Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time[]

During the events of It's About Time, she first appears to rescue Crash and Coco when they are kidnapped by pirates in Salty Wharf. The bandicoot siblings quickly recognize her, and come to realize that she isn't from their universe. They have a brief interaction with the siblings explaining their current quest. Tawna encourages them but quickly takes her leave, insisting that she works alone, yet promising to help them out on the side.

Later, she encounters Dingodile and explains the inter-dimensional rifts to him, and the two agree to work together. The two of them reunite with Crash, Coco and Cortex on Nitros Oxide's ship, and they all set off together to defeat N. Tropy and N. Tropy (F). Soon after, Tawna ties up Crash and Coco to stop them from taking Nitros Oxide's Hovercraft to the Tropys' lab and jumps in herself, insisting that it's too dangerous for them and that she should do it alone. She sets off for the Tropys' lab and tries to fight them, but is overpowered by the two of them and is nearly killed by N. Tropy (F) before the rest of the gang arrives just in time. N. Tropy (F) decides to kill Crash and Coco instead, and teleports Tawna, Cortex and Dingodile away to fight the bandicoot siblings.

Tawna reappears after the N. Tropys are defeated and celebrates with Coco. She then goes with the rest of the gang to the Sn@xx dimension to celebrate their victory, and gets some fried food while they're there. When Cortex kidnaps Kupuna-Wa, she gives Crash a boost to chase after him and ends up left behind with Dingodile. At the end of the game, she celebrates by playing video games with Coco and Crash.

Crash Team Rumble[]

Tawna features as a playable character in Crash Team Rumble. She is in the Scorer role, which makes a Tawna player's main goal collecting Wumpa Fruit and depositing them in their team's bank. Her playstyle is largely the same as in It's About Time, with a few key adjustments made and new moves added to suit the game. Her moveset and stats are listed in the table below.

Crash Team Rumble attributes
Health: 2.75/5
Capacity: 4.5/5
Combat: 4/5
Mobility: 5/5
Difficulty: 4/5
Playstyle: Scorer
PS4/5 Controls XBox One/S Controls Move
X A Jump
"It's jump! Press it again to double jump."
Square, Square, Square X, X, X Super Spin Kick
"Damage things in front of you with a Spin Kick. Spin Kick multiple times in a row for faster movement."
R2 (HOLD to CHARGE) RT (HOLD to CHARGE) Hookshot Dash
"Launch your hookshot out and pull yourself forward. Holding the button down extends the Hookshot Dash farther."
Circle B Uppercut
"Rise up into the air, launching enemies up with you. Has to recharge after being used. When Uppercut is not ready, Tawna will perform an Overhead Smash instead."
Circle, Circle B, B Overhead Smash
"Smash enemies to the ground. Can be used as a combo follow-up after Uppercut, or anytime Uppercut is not available."


Physical Appearance[]

Tawna is a tall, mutant bandicoot with orange fur, a cream-colored muzzle and blue eyes. She has short blond hair partially dyed cyan and styled into a large, spiky faux-hawk. She wears a pink top with a blue and yellow line decal on the chest, a blue bandanna around her neck, a brown short-sleeved leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, fingerless (except for the ring fingers) leather gloves with metal braces, blue patched pants with two brown leather belts, dark brown steel-toed boots with pink leg warmers and three golden earrings in her right ear. She also wears a blue sports bra and boyshorts with pink trim as her underwear.


Tawna is a highly independent, no-nonsense woman who stands up for herself and what's right. After losing her universe's Crash and Coco, she insisted on flying solo to stop anyone close to her from getting hurt ever again. Resourceful and confident, Tawna uses her hookshot to aid her on the many adventures she has across dimensions. Once Crash and Coco defeat the N. Tropys, she allows herself to get closer with them.

Behind-the-scenes information[]

Creation and early development[]

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  • Tawna's design was originally revealed through leaked images of merchandise prior to It's About Time's official announcement.[2]
  • According to a post on the official Crash Bandicoot twitter account, Tawna is 5'9 ft (175cm) tall, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.[3]

Additional information[]