Desert Fox, the first Tank Wars minigame.

Tank Wars is a minigame genre in Crash Bash. The player takes control of a tank and battles with opponents. There are four Tank Wars minigames: Desert Fox, Metal Fox, Jungle Fox and Swamp Fox. The boss fight with the Komodo Brothers, Big Bad Fox, is a Tank Wars variant too.

Wumpa fruit restores the player's health. The player can also collect mines and plant them on the ground. The mines have a large damage radius and take away most of the player's health if they get caught in it when they detonate. In certain levels, the player can also collect regular bombs which, unlike the player's regular attack, fly over boundaries and can hit far away players. In Big Bad Fox, missiles are used to defeat the Komodo Brothers.

In battle and tournament modes, the Tank Wars minigames are not available from the beginning, and can be unlocked when a player unlocks them in adventure mode. Every tank wars minigame ends with the word 'fox'.

Character Cannons

  • Crash Bandicoot / Coco Bandicoot - The bandicoots shoot yellow cannons with medium damage and medium speed. These rounds are the most balanced of the four.
  • Doctor Neo Cortex / Doctor Nitrus Brio - The doctors shoot green energy cannons with high speed, dealing medium damage. They are dangerous when dueling. The tactic is shoot and then run to cover.
  • Tiny Tiger / Koala Kong - The titans shoot spiky land mines with great damage and slow speed. They are remarkable at dueling.
  • Dingodile / Rilla Roo - The hybrids shoot fireballs with medium speed. They can also shoot two rounds at once, but do not cause much damage. They are perfect for targeting their opponents or finishing them off.