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Look [1]Mark136 13:56, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

You buffoon.

'Then he lures Crash into an area that Cortex calls a birthday party with all of the previous enemies from the series and non-crash characters like Dingodile, Pinstripe Potoroo, Ratchet (from Ratchet & Clank), Tiny Tiger, Sonic & Shadow (from Sonic the Hedgehog), Bowser Jr, Yoshi & Toad (from Mario), Crunch, Rilla Roo Nitros Oxide, Bearminator, 3 Apes (from Ape Escape), Polar, Daxter (from Jak & Daxter), Ripper Roo, AiAi (from Super Monkey Ball) and Koala Kong, and reveals himself makes out that he has organised a 'birthday party' with the exact opposite (like using bombs as presents). '

Bearminator, Ratchet, Sonic, Shadow, Bowser Jr, Yoshi, Toad, the Apes, Daxter and AiAi never appear in the game.

Beat It!

I have beat this game three times and, well not really my brother actually beat it 3 times however I have beat it once. This game came with The Crash action pack (Which I had from a game store) .

I beat the game 5 times.

Crash Twinsanity sales

Hey what's up guys? Dose anyone know how much this game has sold? I hear that it has made it to the greatest hits so this game sold alot right? I love Crash Twinsanity.


Is it required that all the crates the broken for completion? PortalMasterLight (talk) 23:38, April 14, 2016 (UTC)

Of course not. -- Swordster Talk! 09:59, April 15, 2016 (UTC)
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