TKs are Titans in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. They first appear inside the ice prison frozen in a block of ice. Once they are freed, they perform a Michael Jackson-esque dance while hip-hop music plays. After TKs "moonwalk" off of the screen, the cutscene ends, and then can be jacked. They are a projectile-based Titan and can move objects with their mind as their name implies (TK is short for TeleKinesis), as well as being able to create mental shockwaves. They are perhaps one the strangest Titans ever created, as they resemble a beaked bug-eyed grub or a featherless, legless bird inside a glass dome with skinny arms and legs, and they always seem to have static crackling around their glass dome. Their origins are unknown, but at first there was only one then they spread themselves all over the Wumpa Islands. A lot of them can be found in the Ratcicle Kingdom.

When Crash or Coco are on TKs and either of them talk to the translator in Ratcicle Kingdom, she will say that telekinetic ravens doesn't impress the man next to her (she, however, thinks that they are hot), and other locals have made references to birds of them, so there is a possibility that they could have a partial avian heritage.


  • Object Move: This attack is used by a target to throw enemies & objects in different directions, by holding down the aim button and light attack button to lift the object/enemy, then moving the targeting reticule to aim where they will be thrown and releasing the buttons. If the jump button is pressed the TKs will repeatedly fire telekinetic orbs at the enemy. The special move meter is drained while an object is being lifted, and the levitation and trhowing on their own do not count towards combos.
  • Telekinetic Blast: While holding an enemy in telekinesis, pressing the heavy attack button will make the TKs fire a large blast to launch the enemy backward, This attack also destroys any object in the near vicinity.
  • Energy Strike (heavy attack tap): This attack makes TKs spring their arms forward and zap any enemy in front of them.
  • Telekinetic Shock wave (heavy attack charge): In this attack, TKs jump up and creates a shock wave. If two opposing TKs use this at about the same time, neither is hurt.
  • Hover: By jumping and holding the jump button makes TKs fly for a short period of time, telekinetic orbs can be thrown by pressing the light attack button.


The TKs are first seen after they are freed from the Ice Prison, then they are later seen while heading to the desert where they are used to get to there.



  • TK is the only titan that can fly for a short period of time.
  • If Crash is targeted by an enemy TK, there will be a blue glow above his head.
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