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This page contains all texts related to Survival of the Fastest as well as the renders used to illustrate them.

Used Scripts[]

General Scripts[]

Render Script
Description SeasonImage season04 "Nitros Oxide is back to challenge the Bandicoots! But now he's brought all the other Nitros Oxides in the Multiverse with him!"
Intro OTR oxide yelling render "Survival of the Fastest! When all the Multiverse Nitros Oxides gather and challenge a planet. This year it's your miserable rock!"
Outro OTR oxide laughing render "Stupid earth slugs! This was just a test to see if you were worthy to compete against us! And the results? We win again!"

Mission Board Scripts[]

Render Script
Missions 1 OTR oxide yelling render "My challenges will dazzle your puny furry brains!"
Missions 2 Season04-NitrosOxide-Frosty "Let's see who is the fastest at collecting these ingredients. Of course it will be me, Frosty Nitros Oxide!"
Missions 3 Season04-NitrosOxide-Inferno "Those other Oxides are weak. Time for a real challenge!"
Missions 4 Season04-NitrosOxide-Pink "These other Oxides are so slow! They couldn't complete these challenges and neither can you!"
Missions 5 Season04-NitrosOxide-Nitro-02 "Smell my fumes as I crush you in these challenges!"
Missions Completed (Generic) Same render as its corresponding set of missions. "Mission Completed!"

Unused Scripts[]


Teaser "Make way earth slugs, for all the multiverse Nitros Oxides will be arriving soon! It's time for the annual Survival of the Fastest!"


Episode 1 "Let's see if weak Bandicoots can beat me in a battle and complete my challenges! I think not!"
Episode 2 "Gaze at the beauty of sapphire, furry litlle earth slugs! Time for battle!"
Episode 3 "Original is always best!"
Episode 4 "All that glitters IS gold! I'm tough and fast. Let's see what you've got!"
Episode 5 "I prefer a battle of wits, but you appear unarmed! So let's fight!"

Unused Renders[]